Product Review by Tony Guerrero

Picking the right mouthpiece can be more important than which horn you're playing on. Trumpeters often spend their entire careers trying out new models and sizes looking for those perfect features that will meet their particular needs.

I have had the pleasure of playing through a whole collection of new mouthpieces sent to me by Denis Wick. These are from their new "American Classic" series. Denis Wick has long been known for their quality workmanship - their legendary line of trumpet mutes are among the industry standards - and so I was excited to try out their mouthpieces, a first for me.

First, let me talk about their design. They are based on the historically most popular mouthpiece shapes and builds plus the numbering system mirrors classic American mouthpiece sizes. Personally, I like that they have a slightly thicker look and feel than some models. (Denis Wick does offer mouthpieces with considerably more weight on them, with their "Heavy Top" line.)

One of the most important things to look for in a mouthpiece is the level of comfort against your lips. The level of comfort will affect your overall response and flexibility on the mouthpiece. The American Classics meet this need well. Their rims have an appropriate softness to the curve that will help keep the player from losing his/her endurance too soon.

Personally, because the 3C & 5C are closest to my normal mouthpiece (I play a Bach 3C), I felt best playing these. They felt perfectly comfortable from the outset and allowed me to dive into playing as if I were on my own mouthpiece. They produced a nice, warm tone for me and, overall, I enjoyed playing on them. I could find no reason why they couldn't substitute for what I normally use. The 7C would be an excellent option for the beginning student. The American Classic line makes tone production easy and the comfort and size of the 7C will support a beginners developing and strengthening embouchure.

The Denis Wick American Standard mouthpieces come in all the standard sizes (I played on the 1.25C, 1.5C, 1.5CH, 3C, 5C & 7C), and are available in both Gold & Silver plating. These would be ideal for any player, from beginner to professional.

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Tony Guerrero is a freelance trumpet player in Los Angeles California. Performing and recording with a wide range of artists ranging from John Tesh to High School Musical, Tony is at home in nearly any style on both trumpet and piano. For more information on Tony including his latest Recording titled "Blue Room," visit

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