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  • Important Players in the History of the Saxophone

    There are so many names we could mention in classical and jazz, but I am going to focus on the big name, popular saxophonists of their day and look at how they helped develop the saxophone players of our generation.

  • What to Look for in a Saxophone Neck Strap

    The job of a sax neck strap is simple; hold the saxophone secure, in a good position to play the saxophone. There are many different features to consider, all designed to accommodate the individual player's needs.

  • Denis Wick Trumpet Mutes

    Mutes are used to great effect in the trumpet world. They offer complex textures to the player and the composer, whether in a section or in the hands of a soloist.

  • A Brief History of the Trumpet

    When you hold your trumpet in your hand, you may not realize that you’re really holding much more than just a musical instrument – you’re holding a part of world history. The trumpet has been around for thousands of years and has played a crucial role in nearly every civilization on earth.

  • Keep Your Horn Looking New

    Let's face it—we brass instrument players are band geeks. Luckily for us, the cultural tide has turned and "Geek" is the new "Cool" (at least, we like to think it is!). But that doesn't mean we can neglect the basics.

  • Everyday Reed Maintenance Tips

    A good musical instrument reed is hard to find. Many sax players seem to spend the better part of a gig changing reeds, hoping to find a perfect reed that will be the holy grail of reeds.

  • So Many Valve Oils... Which One Should I Use?

    As someone who once had a valve freeze up while performing a solo rendition of the National Anthem at a Major League Baseball game, I can assure you this topic is near and dear to my heart.

  • Instrument Shopping on eBay? Read This First.

    eBay is an interesting place where you can find some really good deals on instruments and accessories.

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