Classroom Rhythm Instruments

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Remo Lollipop Drum (ET-7110-00)
Remo Lollipop Drum
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Classroom Rhythm Instruments

In the classroom there is no better way to encourage students to understand and appreciate music and the importance of collaboration than to hand them a bunch of rhythm instruments. Researchers believe that playing music at a young age is enormously beneficial for their development. One of the best music product areas for young learners is percussion. With a drum, if you hit it you get a result, whereas brass and woodwind instruments offer far less instant gratification. CP, or Cosmic Percussion, is a leading manufacturer of affordable, good quality tambourines, bongos, congas, maracas, guiros and other hand percussion instruments.

Latin Percussion is among the premier brands of Latin percussion instruments. Their products are played by some of the greatest percussionists in the world, but they additionally have as part of their line a series of hand percussion instruments that are perfect for classroom including egg shakers, animal shakers, whistles, claves, woodblocks and many other wonderful noisemakers. It sounds like a list from a Dr. Seuss book: ratchets, bells, kazoos, slide whistles, chimes, claves, castanets, and yes, nose flutes! Trophy is a manufacturer of solid quality, inexpensive musical instruments that do not require years of dedication to produce a satisfying sound. Trophy offers these instruments individually or in larger packs of rhythm sets that can supply the entire classroom.

For many decades, indeed, many centuries and even millennia, drumheads were made chiefly from animal skins. Remo Belli’s post WWII experiments with synthetic materials were at first scoffed at, but as his designs evolved, they were very well received and synthetic drumheads are now the norm. Remo now manufactures bongos, congas, djembes and many other auxiliary percussion instruments, many of them with colorful finishes that are attractive to children. Tambourines, jingle bells, rhythm sticks and triangle kits are available from Remo at an incredible price, making a child’s association with music fun and affordable. Meinl instruments are often in the hands of professional drummers and percussionists, but they are also often in the clutches of tiny fingers. Meinl’s inventory of children’s instruments includes shakers, maracas, claves, tambourines, jingle sticks, castanets and much more. They produce congas and bongos in a wide variety of price ranges that are appropriate from the student to the professional. They are well-made, attractively priced and built to last.

Melissa & Doug are not just a cute couple – they are a musical education company that specializes in toy pianos and literature to accompany them. They have an amazing miniature grand piano that comes with legs, a bench and even a top that lifts. Tiny xylophones jingle sticks, kazoos and other child-oriented musical instruments are in their inventory as well. Many of Melissa & Doug’s products are appropriate for pre-school children.

Hohner’s specialty is the art of turning wind passing through a reed into music. They are a leading manufacturer of both accordions and harmonicas. And have a massive inventory of each. Hohner’s harmonicas end up in the hands of professional jazz musicians as well as in the toes of Christmas stockings for six-year olds. The harmonica, like many instruments, is easy to play and difficult to master. Hohner additionally makes kazoos, whistles, wood blocks, claves, guiros, maracas and many other instruments that are appropriate to children’s classroom musical education. Their quality control is excellent and their pricing is attractive.

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