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Electronic Wind Instruments

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Not very long ago, the Electronic Wind category did not exist. These instruments, including MIDI Wind Controllers, allow you simply create the sounds of almost any Woodwind, Brass, String and Percussion instrument that exists today (even Synths, too). During the 80’s the EWI made by Akai was introduced. This unique instrument combined the basic fingering concept of a saxophone with heat-sensitive buttons eliminating any actual moving parts on the instrument. The signal produced by this electronic instrument then could control any type of MIDI sound module now opening up the entire world of sounds to the performer. Because of the similarity to a saxophone, the electronic wind instrument is most commonly used by saxophone players. During the 80’s and 90’s musicians like Michael Brecker and Bob Mintzer made the EWI famous and the distinctive sound could be heard on recordings by groups such as Steps Ahead and Yellowjackets. The modern wind controllers are actually very similar to the early EWI – with some utilizing actual saxophone-like moving keys (such as the Yamaha WX series) along with the traditional EWI-like buttons found on the AKAI model. You can use them live on stage, or even record your own compositions using a computer along with any type of sound module for easy playback.