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You probably know JodyJazz as a renowned mouthpiece manufacturer, but they also offer multimedia jazz instruction materials. Four new additions have recently been included to the company's large DVD and audio CD collection, and they feature titles by saxophonist George Garzone and pianist Kenny Werner. It's important to note that no matter what instrument you play, JodyJazz sessions are designed and structured to be used by all musicians. So you don't have to be a saxophonist or pianist use these discs to advance your skill level. Below, you'll find an extensive review of the 4 new instructional materials that have been added to the JodyJazz catalog.

In the Zone with George Garzone

In the Zone with George Garzone

This is a 2-disc DVD that teaches and helps you apply pentatonic scale concepts. Viewers can watch, listen and then practice along. Disc 1 of "In the Funk Zone" includes over 27 minutes of music and includes 4 full-length performances from a world-class ensemble. Appearances by guitarist Mike Stern and bassist John Patitucci are sure to inspire any musician wanting to advance their skill level.

Disc 1 also includes 6 chapters and 29 subsections of Lessons, and each one focuses on a specific concept. From the basics to advanced, this DVD delivers step-by-step instructions provided by Mr. Garzone himself as he presents and plays thought-out concepts and puts them into practice. The playing is fluid and lyrical and a joy to watch. As an added bonus, the end of the first disc features 3 separate discussions in the chapter "Garzone on Time."

You get to join in the fun with Disc 2. You can choose either the Play Along mode or the Trading sections, and swap choruses, eights, and fours (and sometimes twos) with Garzone and his band. You'll also find PDF versions of all the written material, such as chord charts in concert, Bb, Eb, and bass clef versions. There's even a 41-page e-book with notated music examples like scale definitions, transcriptions of performances on disc, additional exercises, and descriptions of important concepts.Host and publisher, Jody Espina, does a Q&A with these legendary musicians and that interview is included on this disc as well.

Tradin' with George

Tradin' with George

If audio-only instruction is more of what you're looking for, you'll find plenty to choose from with the "Tradin'" CD series offered by JodyJazz. "Tradin' With The Greats: George Garzone" features 4 world-class greats showcasing their musical talents: Mulgrew Miller on piano, John Lockwood on bass, Bob Gullotti drums, and George Garzone on tenor sax. This 2-CD set includes a mixture of 12 standard and original songs while covering a wide range of jazz styles. The soul of this instructional CD is the trading of alternating choruses or phrases with other musicians in the ensemble.

There are a variety of different schemes for trading on this CD sure to help you take your playing to the next level. Things are kept fresh to challenge you as a musician so you'll hear trading that sometimes features entire choruses, eight bars, four or two. This allows, and hopefully inspires, you to develop ideas of different lengths.Garzone plays with such variety and it's fun to try and match his motivic gestures or even cover the same registers he does. While it may be tough to keep up at certain times, you'll definitely experience an all-around musical workout. With such great performances by Garzone and so many ideas to try, you'll never run out of material as you try to imitate or accompany Garzone's smooth playing style.

The Triadic Chromatic Approach

The Triadic Chromatic Approach

The more accomplished player will appreciate the transcriptions and improvisation exercises featured on "The Music of George Garzone& the Triadic Chromatic Approach" DVD. This 2-disc set provides a methodical approach for applying successive triads in random inversions so you can accomplish freer, more chromatic improvisation.The clever concept concentrates on triads (major, minor, augmented and diminished), their inversions, and coupling them together through half-step movement. You'll be introduced to varied and unpredictable chromaticism that will guide your ears to combinations you might not have come up with on your own.

Tradin' with Kenny Werner

Tradin' with Kenny Werner

"Tradin' with the Greats: Kenny Werner," provides you with a chance to play and trade with a pianist whose prolific career includes stints with Joe Lovano and Jack DeJohnette. Two CDs and 10 songs include performances, play-along tracks, trading sessions, and chord charts for all tunes (in concert, Bb, Eb, and bass clef versions). For added convenience, you can print the charts or display them on your mobile device screen to have as a handy visual reference as you play along.

When you're trying to match your playing with some of the best instructors in the world, you'll naturally rise to the level of the talent you keep company with, and that's what JodyJazz instructional DVDs and CDs are all about. By offering the best possible setting and capturing world-class musicians at their finest, JodyJazz instructional materials provide you with an expertly produced lesson format that is easy to understand and allows you to actively participate so you can become the best musician you can possibly be.

For a chance to jam along with the world's greatest jazz musicians, check out the DVD and audio-CD instructional packages from JodyJazz. Order today from The Woodwind and Brasswind and get our 45-Day Total Satisfaction and Lowest Price Guarantees.


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