Rhythm Band Classroom Rhythm Instruments

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Rhythm Band Bongos (RB1025)
Rhythm Band Bongos
These drums are available in various sizes which provide various sounds and tones, very durable for children and the sound is also very good. These drums are well made, well tuned and easy to play.
  • $12.19 - $80.99 MSRP: $19.00
Options Available:
Deluxe 6 1/2"H X7" & 8" Dia., Junior 6"H X 5" & 4-... [more]
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Rhythm Band Oriental Table Gongs (RB1072)
Rhythm Band Oriental Table Gongs
The Rhythm Band Oriental Table Gong Set lives up to the Chinese symbols on the gong that translate to "the good shall come, the bad shall go". The Oriental Table Gongs are hand hammered to produce a unique, exotic Oriental sound. The Rhythm Band Oriental Table Gongs are Deco style gongs and are available in 7 inch (RB1073), 10 inch (RB1071), 12 inch (RB1072) and 14 inch (RB1073) sizes and include a mallet and stand.
  • New: $32.99 - $71.99 MSRP: $67.20
  • Used: $63.35
Options Available:
10 Inch Gong Rb1071, 12 Inch Gong Rb1072, 14 Inch ... [more]
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Rhythm Band Tunable Hand Drum (RB1181)
Rhythm Band Tunable Hand Drum
The perfect hand drum for classroom music.
  • $20.99 - $31.99 MSRP: $33.00
Options Available:
10 Inch, Rb1180, 12 Inch, Rb1181
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Rhythm Band RB15 Bag O' Beats (RB15)
Rhythm Band RB15 Bag O' Beats
The Bag O Beats from Rhythm Band includes ten instruments which kids will love to play at home, in the neighborhood, and at school. Playing in a rhythm band is always fun, especially when the band has a good beat! This carefully selected combination of instruments will bring hour after hour of enjoyment. A drawstring bag is provided for storage. This set includes Two Individual Maracas, 4" Triangle Set, Pair of Sand Blocks, Tone Block with Mallet, Pair of Rhythm Sticks, Cluster Bells, Wrist Bells, Automatic Hand Castanet, and Pair of Finger Cymbals.
  • $34.99 MSRP: $39.50
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Rhythm Band RB1103 Redondo Drum (RB1103D)
Rhythm Band RB1103 Redondo Drum
9-1/2" x 10" bass redondo drum that includes mallets and adjustable rope handle
  • $34.99
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Rhythm Band Hand Drums (HD8)
Rhythm Band Hand Drums
Great for any classroom.
  • $15.99 - $31.99
Options Available:
10 Inches, 12 Inches, 16 Inches, 8 Inches
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Rhythm Band Double Bongo (RBN30)
Rhythm Band Double Bongo
A durable, easy-to-play double bongo for all ages.
  • $43.99
Options Available:
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Rhythm Band Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm Band - RB51 (RB51)
Rhythm Band Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm Band - RB51
This is a band set that is sure to please! A fun combination of instruments that includes a recorder, a star tambourine, maracas, slide whistle, kazoo, triangle and tone block plus more! 16 pieces in all! Set also comes with a handy carrying bag and a resource book, "Adventures with Sound". This set is an exceptional value and gets you enough instruments for everyone to play together at once! Just bring it out at your next class or playgroup and see what fun begins! Ages 3 and up.
  • $35.99
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Rhythm Band Conga (RB1401)
Rhythm Band Conga
The Rhythm Band conga is available as a tunable or non-tunable instrument; all drums are complete with a strap. These drums have great tone and excellent manufacturing to support classroom playing.
  • $35.99 - $114.99 MSRP: $128.00
Options Available:
Non-Tunable Barrel 12"H X 5" Dia., Non-Tunable Con... [more]
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