Introducing the Vandoren Saxophone Harness

Any saxophone musician who suffers from neck or back pain while playing is certain to benefit from the Vandoren Saxophone Harness. Anyone who has used a traditional harness while playing knows there are can be drawbacks, so Vandoren has worked hard to address them.

Vandoren Paris Saxophone Harness

Sax harnesses all have the same goal in mind: to alleviate stress from the neck and shift it to the stronger muscles in the shoulders. An ongoing issue with this traditional setup is they can become uncomfortable quickly and they potentially compress the diaphragm muscles, making it harder to breathe deeply. As well, they often have a center chest cable hanging off to make axis playing difficult, they can be complicated to initially wear and they can make the player feel hunched over.

However, the Vandoren Saxophone Harness takes all these issues into consideration and offers a more comfortable solution. This harness removes unwanted pressure from the chest area and better distributes it to the waist and mid shoulders. This way the chest feels unencumbered and the harness simply and efficiently belts into your clothing. The shoulders tend to be less fragile and prone to injury than the neck area, so the player is certain to have more peace of mind while performing.

You may need to do a bit of adjusting to make the Vandoren Harness most comfortable to your frame and height. Setting up for alto or tenor should be quite straightforward; however a baritone may take some maneuvering as the bari is bulkier. Although this harness fits well over clothing and under a coat, if you require it for a marching band, there may be some adjustments needed. Most marching bands would require the harness to be totally visible over a uniform so just keep that in mind.

This harness is versatile enough to use while sitting or standing. Featuring a long throw strap and hook, you can choose a playing position either in front or to the side of your body. Backside braces are made of flexible plastic so sitting down is easier. This strap in fact, encourages better posture and less slouching as your center of gravity is on the shoulders instead of the neck.

If you are a sax player who either suffers from neck pain or wish to be proactive and avoid these issues in the future, the Vandoren Saxophone Harness is an excellent option. Unique in concept and design, this harness keeps you comfortably supported so you can focus on making music.

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