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LIBRETTO by ATIGUA LTR-2500 Student Trumpet Review

Libretto by Antigua LTR-2500 Student Trumpet Review Student trumpets are designed for students, not for professionals, but we still want student horns to be built well and, of course, to play well. The Libretto by Antigua LTR-2500 is just such a horn—perfect for the beginner and more than just good enough to get them through until they are ready for a more advanced (and more expensive!) trumpet.

When I first received the Libretto by Antigua LTR-2500 horn, I noticed before I even opened the case that this trumpet was designed with the student in mind. The trumpet case has a heavy duty nylon wrapping that will no doubt withstand the cosmetic beating that often accompanies being under the "less than careful" care of a young student. Yet, it is firm enough to protect the contents. It also has two "backpack" style straps, a very popular (and convenient) method for carrying cases, especially as kids often have quite a few things to bring home every day. Most importantly, the Libretto trumpet case is light weight. I remember being a kid and having to carry my heavy wooden trumpet case home every day—what a chore! This case hits all the right marks.

Cosmetically, the LTR-2500 horn itself is quite nice. A well-polished lacquer and a streamlined design will give any kid a boost of confidence when it comes to having a "cool horn" amongst his/her peers. The included mouthpiece is a somewhat generic 7C. Teachers will argue over which is the best size trumpet mouthpiece to start out on, so I'd suggest conferring with a reputable trumpet teacher before diving in on only this mouthpiece. There's nothing wrong with it—mouthpiece choice is dependent on many factors, including and individual performer's lip and jaw structure.

I added a little oil (whenever a horn sits in a case for a while, it may need some new lubrication) and began to play the Libretto by Antigua trumpet. I was pleasantly surprised. The horn plays well right where it counts—in the middle register. It will be some time before a student needs to be exploring the upper range (and even the extreme lower range) so what really matters on a student trumpet is the middle register. Overall, the LTR-2500 trumpet's intonation is solid, although I had to use my own mouthpiece to evaluate the horn fairly on its own merits. I did notice the Libretto by Antigua LTR-2500 had a nice warm tone – many student trumpets can sound a little shrill. The airflow seems to be pretty free, not a lot of resistance like a lot of lesser-made student horns.

There is really only positive feedback to give about the LTR-2500 horn. At under $500 the Libretto by Antigua LTR-2500 student trumpet offers very good value for its price range and should serve any student—and even many hobbyists—very well.

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Tony Guerrero is a freelance trumpet player in Los Angeles California. Performing and recording with a wide range of artists ranging from John Tesh to High School Musical, Tony is at home in nearly any style on both trumpet and piano. For more information on Tony including his latest Recording titled "Blue Room," visit

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