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  1. On Sale
    Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Alto Saxophone
    Starting at $824.99 Was Price $1,099.99 On Sale Now!
  2. On Sale
    Allora Paris Series Professional Straight Soprano Saxophone with 2 Necks
    Starting at $899.99 Was Price $1,199.99
    7 Open Box From:
    On Sale Now!
  3. On Sale
    Allora Paris Series Professional Alto Saxophone
    Starting at $1,124.99 Was Price $1,499.99
    3 Open Box From:
    On Sale Now!
  4. On Sale
    Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Tenor Saxophone
    Starting at $1,199.99 Was Price $1,599.99
    1 Open Box:
    On Sale Now!
  5. Price Drop
    Allora AATU-105R Series 4-Rotary Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba
  6. On Sale
    Allora Paris Series Professional Tenor Saxophone
    Starting at $1,462.49 Was Price $1,949.99 On Sale Now!
  7. On Sale
    Allora Student Series Tenor Saxophone Model AATS-301
    $399.97 Was Price $749.99 On Sale Now!
  8. Up to 18% Off
    Allora AAFG-103F Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Allora AAFG-103F Series Bb Flugelhorn
  9. On Sale
    Allora Student Series Bb Clarinet Model AACL-336
    $199.97 Was Price $349.99 On Sale Now!
  10. Price Drop
    Allora AATU-105P Series 4-Piston Valve 3/4 BBb Tuba
    1 Open Box:
  11. Up to 18% Off
    Allora ATR-580 Chicago Series Professional Bb Trumpet
    1 Open Box:
  12. Up to 18% Off
    Allora Student Series Bb Trombone Model AATB-102
  13. On Sale
    Allora Student Series Piccolo Model AAPI-996
    $194.99 Was Price $319.99 On Sale Now!
  14. On Sale
    Allora ATR-250 Student Series Bb Trumpet
    Allora ATR-250 Student Series Bb Trumpet
    Starting at $399.99 Was Price $569.99 On Sale Now!
  15. Price Drop
    Allora AMB-450 Marching Bb Baritone
    Starting at $1,749.00
  16. On Sale
    Allora AAHN-103 Series Single French Horn
    Allora AAHN-103 Series Single French Horn
    $899.99 Was Price $1,129.99 On Sale Now!
  17. On Sale
    Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Straight Soprano Saxophone with Two Necks
    $824.99 Was Price $1,099.99
    3 Open Box From:
    On Sale Now!
  18. On Sale
    Allora ATB-250 Student Series Trombone
    Allora ATB-250 Student Series Trombone
    $399.99 Was Price $499.99 On Sale Now!
  19. On Sale
    Allora AABN-141 Student Series Bassoon
    Allora AABN-141 Student Series Bassoon
    $1,799.99 Was Price $2,969.99 On Sale Now!
  20. Up to 18% Off
    Allora ATR-1302 Aere Series Plastic Bb Trumpet
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Showing  1 - 20  of 65 items

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About Allora

Finding an affordable brass or woodwind instrument has been a challenge since Sousa and before. Woodwind & Brasswind settled on Allora brass instruments for an in-house brand more than a decade ago, and since then, we have helped develop the brand in direct cooperation with our supplier. Allora now consists of student through intermediate and into professional-level brass and woodwind instruments.

Brass instruments

The brass component of the Allora inventory includes trumpets, trombones, euphoniums, single horns, double horns, tubas, pocket trumpets and bass trombones. On the woodwind side, Allora offers clarinets, saxophones and flutes of several types. WWBW developed the Allora line to offer student musicians a quality instrument at a price families could afford. Ongoing quality-control monitoring and inspection ensure Allora equipment meets exacting standards for intonation, comfort and mechanical reliability. The result is an instrument that sounds beautiful and instills a pride of ownership. Quality construction ensures good performance through a young player’s early development. A three-year warranty comes with most Allora instruments.

Each Allora design has been researched and tested by brass and woodwind specialists to ensure the best-playing, best-sounding instrument for the student, at the best price for the parent. They are durable, sound great, and especially with Woodwind & Brasswind’s financing options, they are a viable alternative to renting.

Allora Trumpets

Allora’s best-selling trumpet is the Allora ATR-250, which has been the successful first step for many now-accomplished musicians. It is a beautiful, great-sounding Bb trumpet with a yellow brass leadpipe and a rose brass bell. It features a first-valve slide thumb saddle, an adjustable 3rd valve slide stop, two water keys and stainless steel pistons. All of this in a protective nylon polyfoam case with a three-year warranty makes instrumental music a possibility for everyone.

Allora even offers an entry into the newly emerging field of plastic trumpets. They are more than just a fun toy, and can be used to great effect within a school band program. Imagine a trumpet section in a marching band suddenly breaking out trumpets that reflect the school colors. They are very inexpensive, and while not recommended for a student to develop on, they are great for practice, playing for pleasure and for special events.

The student instruments in the Allora line are best-sellers, but there is a highly skilled division of Allora that produces instruments of intermediate and even professional quality. The ATR-580 in the Chicago series is an intermediate trumpet that play-tests respectably against famous trumpets that sell for much higher prices. The same is true of the Paris series, whose ATR-550 trumpet is presentable in any professional environment.

Allora Trombones

The Allora AATB-102 student trombone features a .500” bore for a quick response and excellent tone, plus an 8" bell with outstanding resonance. It is constructed of yellow brass with a lacquer finish and a chrome inner handslide along with a standard leadpipe and durably braced standard handslide. The trombone slide is delicate, and in the hands of a young player, it can sometimes get swung into another music stand or another trombone slide. The kind of quality construction you find in the AATB-102 is essential to keep incidental contact from becoming a roadblock to student progress.

The Vienna and Paris lines are also represented in the trombone category with the ATB-550 and ATB-450. A bass trombone, the ATBB-550, is offered in the Paris line, and has been a popular order with school programs. From sousaphones and tubas, through euphoniums and French horns, Allora instruments offer an affordable entry into the world of instrumental music.

Allora Saxophones

The Allora saxophone family is well-represented with the AAAS-301 Alto and the AATS-301 Tenor. Both are best-sellers with consistently positive response from school systems who count on affordable quality. They share a lacquered brass body, neck and bell along with leather pads, plastic boosters and an adjustable thumb rest. They both have a free-blowing feel and professional-style keywork. A case and three-year warranty come with the 301 line as well.

A fan club is growing around the Paris and Vienna lines within the saxophone community. Allora also offers the Chicago tenor, which has been warmly received. It is a legitimate professional horn that is available at half the price of similarly equipped instruments. The materials and construction of the Allora Chicago saxes are worthy of investigation if they reside within your price range.

The Paris and Vienna Series Allora baritones are popular purchases on school bids and with professionals seeking a quality instrument to double on without a major expense. The 301 Series does not have a baritone, as most students aren’t exposed to the baritone until high school. Most alternatives in the baritone saxophone category are priced close to double the Allora offerings.

Other winds

Flute and clarinet players find an easy welcome in the Allora AAFL-299 and Allora AACL-336 respectively, with both of them at a very attention-getting price point. The AACL-336 features a durable ABS resin body, cylindrical bore and a Boehm key system. It includes molded case, mouthpiece, ligature and cap and Allora’s three-year warranty. The AAFL-299 features a silver-plated head, body and C foot, closed-hole keys, and comes with a molded case and cleaning rod.

When a music program wishes to expand its depth, Allora offers inexpensive instruments within categories like bass clarinets and Eb clarinets. Allora even offers a bassoon and a sopranino. One of the most popular categories within the professional woodwind division is the Allora Paris Series soprano sax. Reviews are universally positive and educators and players everywhere endorse it.

A solid selection of quality instruments across the entire orchestra is available within the Woodwind & Brasswind’s massive inventory of Allora instruments for band and orchestra. Get yours today.

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