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The Bugle holds its roots in the military world as long ago as the 4th century (when they were made from animal horns!). Today Bugle Horns are heard in some classical music, formal ceremonies and of course horse races across the world. The traditional bugle can also be utilized in other militaristic situations such as Boy Scouts, or playing taps at a funeral. In modern music there isn’t much of an application for the ceremonial bugle due to its limited tonal range. Because there are no keys or valves the bugle is limited to playing the particular overtone series the instrument is pitched in, not unlike other similar instruments such as the alpen-horn. Fortunately the tradition survives to use a bugle for certain types of calls or ceremonial situations.

Historically, many marching bands and drum corps utilized bugles pitched in the key of G with some modern valve modifications, however, most moved to Bb instruments when rule changes in the late 1990’s allowed the competitive use of non-G bugles. Whether you’re looking for a Bb, F, G model or for those occasions where you need a Hunting Horn, Woodwind & Brasswind has the selection you need at the best prices.