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Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 Recording Package

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This package includes the 8x6 Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 FireWire interface; M-Audio StudioPro 3 active desktop monitors; MXL V63M large-diaphragm cond...Click To Read More About This Product

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Desktop recording system with two award-winning preamps for artist's who build their music track by track.

This package includes the 8x6 Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 FireWire interface; M-Audio StudioPro 3 active desktop monitors; MXL V63M large-diaphragm condenser, wired with Mogami; 3 XLR cables; and a mic stand with fixed boom.

Focusrite Saffire PRO 14
The Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 is an 8-in, 9-out audio interface with legendary sonic performance and unmatched flexibility at a truly affordable price. The latest in Focusrite' new generation of Firewire audio interfaces, Saffire PRO 14 is designed to make home studio recording and mixing easy without sacrificing audio quality.

Twenty-five years of mic pre excellence form the foundation of this new interface, with two award-winning Focusrite preamps. Combined with a host of additional I/O options, the Saffire PRO 14 helps you get the tracks you want without having to constantly re-patch your studio.

Along with the 2 high-quality mic preamps, two additional analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, S/PDIF, and MIDI open the door to true multitrack recording. Two Hi-Z instrument inputs let you plug straight in without the need to buy additional DI boxes, and two virtual œloopback inputs are also available for routing digital audio between software applications”ideal for capturing online audio.

Included with the PRO 14 is Saffire MixControl, an 18 x 6 DSP mixer. Offering a level of flexibility that is unparalleled at this price, MixControl software enables you to create 6 separate mixes without latency. Route any combination of input signals and sequencer outputs to any of Saffire PRO 14' outputs. Intuitive one-click configurations help you track, monitor and mix as quickly as possible.

With Saffire PRO 14, sonic integrity is never compromised. The two Focusrite preamps ensure low noise and distortion; while quality digital conversion and JetPLL jitter elimination technology ensure pristine quality as your audio flows between the analogue and digital domains. Combined with the very latest in Firewire technology, excellent routing flexibility and rock-solid driver stability, the Saffire PRO 14 is the heart of the modern home studio.

Focusrite' popular Saffire Firewire interfaces are fully compatible with Thunderbolt ports on Mac computers. All you need to connect the two is a FireWire 400-800 cable (included with all new Saffire interfaces later this year) and the Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 adapter (not included). Simply plug this into the Thunderbolt port on your computer and connect the FireWire interface “ it' as simple as that. Saffire interfaces are 100% compatible with Thunderbolt using this adaptor.

M-Audio StudioPro3 Monitors (pair)
M-Audio StudioPro 3 active desktop monitors offer powerful amplification, custom-tuned cabinets, optimized speaker design, and advanced crossover technology for the best possible sound. Magnetic shielding prevents StudioPro 3 audio monitors from interfering with your computer or video speakers.

Stereo Auxiliary Input and Headphone Output
In addition to the main RCA inputs in the back, for maximum flexibility the StudioPro 3 monitors' stereo aux input makes it easy to plug in a secondary audio source”such as your portable music player. The speakers' volume control works on both inputs simultaneously. Additionally, a stereo headphone output next to the aux jack mutes the speakers' sound and redirects it to your headphones.

Natural Bass
The M-Audio custom bass reflex port discharges very low-frequency signals and delivers smooth, substantial bass response. Need more? The rear-panel bass boost gives you additional low-frequency gain and makes the StudioPro 3 monitors flexible enough to perform well for different spaces and listening preferences.

Monitor Pads
High-frequency audio signals tend to be fairly directional. That's why M-Audio includes wedge-shaped monitor pads that assist you in placing your M-Audio StudioPro 3 units directly at your ears for an optimal listening sweet spot.

Speaker Enclosure
M-Audio StudioPro 3 speakers provide a more stable performance with a special medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and unique interior reinforcement that absorbs vibration and impact generated under extreme conditions. Carefully placed acoustic material makes StudioPro 3 monitor's sound much bigger than they are”resulting in smooth, natural bass response.

M-Audio includes a pair of angled isolation pads with each set of StudioPro 3 desktop audio monitors.

MXL V63M Condenser Studio Microphone
The MXL V63M Condenser Studio Microphone has a 1" diameter, 6-micron-thick diaphragm that delivers high sensitivity and detailed recordings. Wired with Mogami wire for added clarity. With balanced, transformerless output for low noise. Encased in a heavy-duty brass enclosure. The MXL V63M has a cardioid pickup pattern and a frequency response of 30Hz- 20kHz. 48V phantom power required.

MS-220 Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed Boom
The MS-220 Tripod Microphone Stand has a thread adapter and tubular legs. Its adjustable height from floor to top thread is 35" to 61-7/8". The 30-1/4" fixed boom is not adjustable.

  • Focusrite Saffire PRO 14
  • Pair of M-Audio Studio Pro 3 self-powered desktop monitors
  • MXL V63M large-diaphragm condenser mic
  • 3 XLR cables
  • Mic stand with fixed boom
Focurite Saffire PRO 14
  • Two high-quality award-winning Focusrite preamps
  • High-quality 24-bit/96kHz FireWire interface features JetPLL jitter elimination technology
  • Total I/O count of 8 inputs and 6 outputs, including a unique Loopback facility for routing audio between software applications via Saffire MixControl
  • Saffire MixControl ultra-low-latency DSP mixer/router provides an 18 x 6 DSP mixer with excellent routing flexibility, intuitive one-click configurations, and lower than 1.4ms latency
  • VST/AU Plug-in Suite with Focusrite Compression, Reverb, Gating and EQ
  • Xcite+ Software Bundle featuring a host of royalty-free loops and samples, a full-fledged soft-synth and Ableton Live Lite 8
  • 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs
  • Can be powered via FireWire, or via its own power supply
  • Dedicated front-panel headphone bus with level control on the front panel
  • Front panel volume dial provides control over the main stereo outputs.
  • Switchable phantom power (front panel switches)
  • Software PFL allows monitoring of a single mixer channel or complete mix
StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors
  • 3.25" low-frequency drivers; 1" high-frequency drivers
  • Self-powered
  • Remarkably accurate frequency response and imaging
  • Advanced crossover design
  • Custom-tuned wood cabinet
  • Magnetic shielding prevents computer/video monitor interference
  • Vented port design for added bass
  • Transportable, compact design is ergonomic and flexible
  • Internal standing wave acoustic absorption for greater efficiency
  • Bass Boost switch
  • Factory programmed for worldwide use
  • RCA rear-panel inputs; convenient front-panel 1/8" inputs
  • Includes directional pads to optimize listening sweet spot
MXL V63M Condenser Studio Microphone
  • 1" diaphragm
  • Mogami wire
  • Balanced, low-noise output
  • Heavy-duty brass enclosure
  • Cardioid pattern
  • Detailed 30Hz-20kHz response
  • Wired with Mogami cable

Order this gem of an interface today.

Focusrite Saffire PRO 14System Requirements
  • :
  • ¢ Computer: Apple Macintosh with FireWire 400 support
  • ¢ CPU/Clock: PowerPC G5 2GHz (Leopard) or Intel 2GHz (Snow Leopard)
  • ¢ Memory (RAM): 1GB (2GB or more recommended)
  • ¢ Screen Resolution: 1024x768 (1280x1024 or more recommended)
  • ¢ Computer: Windows compatible computer with FireWire 400 support
  • ¢ CPU/Clock: Pentium or AMD with 1.6GHz or higher (Dual 1GHz or higher recommended)
  • ¢ Memory (RAM): 1GB (2GB or more recommended)
  • ¢ Screen Resolution: 1024x768 (1280x1024 or more recommended)
Microphone Inputs 1-2
  • ¢ Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2 dB
  • ¢ Gain Range: +13dB to +60dB
  • ¢ Maximum Headroom +8dBu
  • ¢ THD+N: 0.001% (measured at 1kHz with a 20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
  • ¢ Noise EIN: 124dB analog to digital (measured at 60dB of gain with 150 ohm termination (20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
  • ¢ Input Impedance: 2k ohm
Line Inputs (Inputs 1-2)
  • ¢ Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2dB
  • ¢ Gain Range: -10dB to +36dB
  • ¢ THD+N: 0.001% (measured with 0dBFS input and 22Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
  • ¢ Noise: -90dBu (22Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
  • ¢ Input Impedance: >10k Ohm
Line Inputs 3-4
  • ¢ Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2 dB
  • ¢ Gain Range: Switch-able between +16dBu or -10dBV for 0dBFS (balanced inputs) THD+N: 0.003% (measured at 1kHz with a 20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
  • ¢ Noise: -100dBu (22Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
  • ¢ Input Impedance: >10k Ohm
Instrument Inputs (Inputs 1 and 2)
  • ¢ Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.1dB
  • ¢ Gain Range: +13dB to +60dB
  • ¢ THD+N: 0.004% (measured with 0dBu input and 20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
  • ¢ Noise: -87dBu (20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
Analog Audio Outputs (Outputs 1-4)
  • ¢ 4 Electronically Balanced Outputs
  • ¢ Maximum Output Level (0dBFS): +10dBu
  • ¢ THD+N: 0.001% (0dBFS input, 20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
Crosstalk (Channel Isolation)
  • ¢ Any input to input: > 100dB
  • ¢ Any output to output: > 100dB
  • ¢ Any input to output: > 100dB
Digital Performance
  • ¢ A/D Dynamic Range > 109dB (A-weighted), all Analog inputs
  • ¢ D/A Dynamic Range > 106dB (A-weighted), all Analog outputs
  • ¢ Clock Sources:
  • - Internal Clock
  • - Sync to Word Clock on SPDIF Input (RCA)
  • ¢ JetPLLTM PLL technology providing superb jitter reduction for class leading converter performance
  • ¢ Clock jitter < 250 picoseconds
  • ¢ Supported Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, and 96kHz
  • ¢ 8 input channels to computer: Analog (4), SPDIF (2) and Loop-back (2)
  • ¢ 6 physical output channels from computer: Analog (4), SPDIF (2)
  • ¢ 12 DAW output streams
  • ¢ Assignable 18 input by 6 output mixer
    Analog Channel Inputs (Inputs 1-2)
    • ¢ 2 Mic XLR Combo (channels 1-2) on front panel
    • ¢ 2 Line 1„4 TRS (channels 3-4) on rear panel
    • ¢ Automatic switching between Mic / Line (channels 1-2)
    • ¢ Switching between Line / Instrument Inputs (channels 1-2) via Saffire MixControl Application
    • ¢ Switching between +16dBu (low) and -10dBV (high) gain on inputs 3-4 via Saffire MixControl Application
    Digital Channel Inputs (Inputs 5-6) 44.1 - 96kHz
    • ¢ Stereo S/PDIF input on RCA
    Analog Audio Outputs (Outputs 1-4)
    • ¢ 4 1„4 TRS Jacks
    • ¢ Output Level control (analog) for outputs 1 and 2
    • ¢ Stereo Headphones Mix 1 on 1„4 TRS (also routed to Outputs 3 & 4) with independent volume control
    Digital Channel Outputs (Outputs 5-6) 44.1 - 96kHz
    • ¢ Stereo S/PDIF Output on RCA
    Other I/O
    • ¢ 1 6-pin FireWire S400 socket
    • ¢ 2 Standard 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors: In and Out
    • ¢ DC Power Input Connector (for use with supplied universal input power supply)
    Front Panel Indicators
    • ¢ 2 2 segment input meters, Sig (-18) and O/L (0dBFS)
    • ¢ œLKD Locked Indicator
    • ¢ œFW Host Connected Indicator
    • ¢ œPower Indicator
    • ¢ Instrument input source selection LED for channels 1 and 2
    • ¢ Phantom Power (48V) switch and LED for inputs 1 and 2
    Weight and Dimensions
    • ¢ 3.3 lb. (1.5kg)
    • ¢ 8-1/2"(W) x 1-13/16"(H) x 8-11/16"(D) (215mm x 45mm x 220mm)
    StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors
    • Type: 2-way desktop reference monitor
    • LF driver: 3.25" diameter, magnetically shielded with curved cone with high-temperature voice coil
    • HF driver: 1" diameter, magnetically shielded silk dome
    • Frequency response: 100Hz “ 20kHz ±3dB)
    • Crossover frequency: 2.3kHz
    • Dynamic range (Maximum Signal-to-Noise Ratio): >80dB (typical, A-weighted)
    • Input connectors: left and right line input connectors (RCA)
    • Polarity: positive signal at + input produces outward low-frequency cone displacement
    • Dynamic power: 10 watts into 4 Î (per channel) at 0.5% distortion
    • Input impedance: 10kÎ(unbalanced)
    • Input sensitivity: 100mV pink noise input produces 90dBA output SPL at 1 meter with volume control at maximum
    • Protection: RF interference, output current limiting, over temperature, turn on/off transient, subsonic filter
    • Indicator: blue power LED ring around on/off/volume knob on front panel
    • Power requirements: 100-120V50/60Hz, 220240V50/60Hz; powered via detachable 2-conductor line cord
    • Cabinet: vinyl-laminated MDF
    • Dimensions: 5.5"W x 7.9"H x 5.9"D
    • Weight: 8.8lb./pair (approx., without packing)
    MXL V63M Condenser Studio Microphone
    • Large 1" diaphragm
    • 6-micron-thick diaphragm for high sensitivity and detailed recordings
    • Wired with Mogami wire for added clarity
    • Balanced, transformerless output for low noise
    • Heavy-duty brass enclosure
    • 30Hz-20kHz frequency response
    • Cardioid pickup pattern
    • Sensitivity: 15mV/Pa
    • Output impedance: 200 ohms
    • Max SPL: 130dB
    • S/N ratio: 80dB (Ref. 1 Pa, A weighted)
    • Power requirement: 48V phantom power
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