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MIDI (short for musical instrument digital interface) allows musicians to utilize various electronic instruments and computers to interface together - creating electronic music. It has applications for practically every music genre, such as composition software used from rock bands to marching bands. The most common application for this technology is using a single keyboard or controller to trigger other sound modules both saving space and taking the advantage of additional sounds and tones from multiple sources. Keyboard or computers that transmit MIDI data can control features and functions ranging from note on/off commands to details parameter control such as filter, envelope and expression data.

Most software programs ranging from notation to elaborate recording software will record the MIDI note data rather than the actual audio tracks, allowing the musician or songwriter the ability to adjust or edit the sounds prior to final mixdown. Whether you're looking for keyboard controllers, audio interfaces, or using trigger notation for recording software, Woodwind & Brasswind carries a full line-up of the most advanced technologies to fit your home or studio. It doesn't stop there! Don't forget to read about iPad apps for musicians.