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    Yamaha YAS-26 Standard Alto Saxophone
    Starting at $2,166.00
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    Yamaha YAS-62III Professional Alto Saxophone
    Starting at $3,091.99
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    Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Alto Saxophone
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    Allora Paris Series Professional Alto Saxophone
    Starting at $1,049.99 Was Price $1,499.99
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    Allora Paris Series Professional Straight Soprano Saxophone with 2 Necks
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    Etude EAS-100 Student Alto Saxophone
    Etude EAS-100 Student Alto Saxophone
    $279.99 Was Price $399.99 On Sale Now!
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    Bundy BTS-300 Tenor Saxophone Outfit
    Bundy BTS-300 Tenor Saxophone Outfit
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    Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Tenor Saxophone
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    Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone
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    Starting at $4,204.99
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    Bundy BAS-300 Student Alto Saxophone
    Bundy BAS-300 Student Alto Saxophone
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    Yamaha YAS-875EXII Custom Series Alto Saxophone
    Starting at $4,204.99
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    Yamaha YTS-26 Standard Tenor Saxophone
    Starting at $2,734.00
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    Allora Paris Series Professional Tenor Saxophone
    Starting at $1,364.99 Was Price $1,949.99 On Sale Now!
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    Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone
    Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone
    Starting at $4,821.99
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    Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Baritone Saxophone
    $2,199.99 Was Price $3,129.99 On Sale Now!
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    Allora Student Series Alto Saxophone Model AAAS-301
    $399.97 Was Price $499.99
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    Allora Student Series Tenor Saxophone Model AATS-301
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    Allora Paris Series Professional Baritone Saxophone
    Starting at $2,449.99 Was Price $3,499.99 On Sale Now!
  20. $50 Rebate
    Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone
    Starting at $2,865.99
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Showing  1 - 20  of 185 items

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History of Saxophones

When Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone, he wanted to bridge the gap between the brass section and the woodwinds. The sax couples strong vocal quality with woodwind-like agility. Its body is brass, yet it is a woodwind instrument. That is because the oscillations of a single reed produce its sound.

Saxophone design combines elements from other instruments. It has a clarinet mouthpiece and its body is like the now outdated ophicleide. The result is acoustic properties like the French horn. Each sax has 20 to 23 keys. The left-hand keying is similar to oboe keying. Right-hand sax keying is like Boehm's clarinet keying system. The U-curved shape of the alto and tenor saxophone has become iconic to the instrument. Soprano saxes traditionally do not have a curve. Some have come to adopt the U-shape as a sort of testament to the iconic shape.

Flutist and clarinetist Adolphe Sax worked in his father’s instrument shop making ophicleides and clarinets. In 1846 he patented the saxophone with seven different models in two groups. The orchestral series in the patent never really took off. However, the B flat and E flat models designed for military bands became popular right away. They are the predecessors to most modern saxophones. After the patent expired, other instrument makers made some improvements. That included the addition of an extra key, the extension of the bell, and other minor changes that that made the fingering more accessible.

Composer Hector Berlioz was among the first people introduced to Sax’s new instrument. In 1844, Berlioz included the saxophone in an arrangement called “Chant Sacre” at a concert of choral work. Later that year, the sax made its first orchestral debut at the Paris Conservatory in the opera “Last King of Juda.”

At first, the sax was most popular as a military instrument. Over time it became an integral part of concert music and big band music. Symphonies, operas, choral music, and chamber music often include the saxophone. It ably doubles a woodwind or brass instrument. That is because to the two instrument sections are so closely related.

In modern music, there’s often a single saxophonist with a rhythm section. Sax quartets and big band music also feature it. Marcel Mule and Daniel Deffayet were saxophone professors at the Conservatoire de Paris. Each led well respected sax quartets. Their Mule quartet serves as an example for many acts following it.

Many non-traditional sax quartets also exist. James Fei’s Alto Quartet is composed entirely of alto saxess. Groups may even contain as many as 52 saxophonists, like the group Urban Sax. Other influential and well-known players include John Coltrane. He was part of Miles Davis’ quartet. He also worked with Stan Getz, whose quartet recorded the 1960s popular song “The Girl from Ipanema.” Today’s preeminent jazz saxophone quartet is the World Saxophone Quartet. Many pop and rock music groups like Pink Floyd also sometimes feature the instrument.

Today's list of most popular sax brands includes P. Mauriat, Yamaha and Yanagisawa. Each stands out among the best in the world. Woodwind & Brasswind offers a wide selection of alto, soprano, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones from those brands and many more. Whether you are new to the instrument or a seasoned professional, you will find the perfect model here. If you need additional assistance making your choice, read our Saxophone Buying Guide.

For even more detiled information, check out Saxophones by Yanagisawa. While you're here, don't forget to stock up on accessories by browsing related products. You can also read about reeds on The Music Room. You’ll find articles like A Practical Guide to Using and Not Abusing Reeds.

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