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Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Group I  (Open Box)
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Product# 475220

Solid mouthpiece from one of the most trusted names in the business.

Renold O. Schilke had a profound influence on the development of brass mouthpiece design and pedagogy in the 20th century. His wisdom and insight have influenced several generations of performers, educators and students while setting the standard for other manufacturers. Today, Schilke Music Products continues to offer the highest level of expertise in assisting musicians when determining what mouthpiece might work best for their playing needs. A mouthpiece is created of several components or variables that greatly influence a player’s sound. These variables include rim contour or rim shape, inner rim diameter or cup diameter, cup shape or cup volume, the throat, the backbore and shank or stem. All of these components play a major role in the final sound production on a brass instrument. General knowledge of these concepts and how they work can only assist the player in selecting equipment that improves their sound.

MPN: 25 7B4
  • Available sizes: 5A4, 6A4a, 7B4, 8A4, 8E2, 9, 9C4, 10A4a, 10A4, 10B4, 11A, 11Ax, 11C2, 11, 11D4, 1E, 12A4a, 12A4, 12B4, 12, 13A4a, 13B, 13, 13C4, 13D4, 14A4a, 14A4, 14A4x, 14B, 14C2, 14
  • Model number: The model number references 4 areas—Cup Diameter, Cup Volume, Rim Contour, and Backbore
  • Cup Diameter: Smallest numbers are the smallest diameter; diameter sizes increases as the number increases Cup Volume: A—Small, shallow; B—Medium Small; C—Standard, medium; D—Medium Large; E—Large
  • Rim Contour: 1—Roundest; 2—Semi-Round; 3—Standard; 4—Semi-Flat; 5—Flattest
  • Backbore: a—Tight; b—Straight, slightly more open; c—Standard; d—Medium-Large, slightly curved out; e—Large; x—Piccolo, Extra Large
  • Finish: Silver plate

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  • • 5A4: 15.84 mm, .624" cup diameter; 26 throat. Small cup diameter which aids upper register. Popular for use as a piccolo trumpet mouthpiece.

  • • 6A4a: 15.99 mm, .630" cup diameter; 27 throat. Shallow A cup with cushion number 4 rim for extreme high register work.
  • • 7B4: 16.08 mm, .633" cup diameter; 26 throat. Excellent for the player with thin lips. Number 4 rim provides good endurance with a brilliant tone.
  • • 8 mmA4: 16.25 mm, .640" cup diameter; 26 throat. The slightly funnel-shape cup at the entrance to the throat provides a good tone and the number 4 semi-flat rim gives superior endurance.
  • • 8 mmE2: 16.15 mm, .636" cup diameter; 26 throat. The deep funnel-shaped cup provides a smooth tone and is very flexible in all registers. Recommended for cornet players
  • • 9: 16.33 mm, .643" cup diameter; 26 throat. Standard characteristics allow for a full penetrating tone quality.
  • • 9C4: 16.36 mm, .644 in cup diameter; 26 throat. Like the 9 mouthpiece, however the 4 semi-flat rim provides excellent endurance.
  • • 10A4a: 16.43 mm, .647" cup diameter; 27 throat. The combination of the shallow A cup, semi-flat number 4 rim and tight a-backbore assists with upper register work.
  • • 10A4: 16.43 mm, .647" cup diameter; 27 throat. Same as the 10A4a but with a standard c-backbore, which offers less resistance.
  • • 10B4: 16.43 mm, .643" cup diameter; 26 throat. A medium-small funnel-shaped B cup offers both a quality sound and support in the register.
  • • 11A: 16.51 mm, .650" cup diameter; 26 throat. This rim size and contour is similar to the model 11 mouthpiece, but with a shallower A cup.
  • • 11AX: 16.51 mm, .650" cup diameter; 27 throat. This model was developed for the Schilke piccolo trumpets. The x-backbore improves the ease of playing and opens up the sound on a piccolo trumpet. 
  • • 11C2: 16.51 mm, .650" cup diameter; 26 throat. Similar to the model 11 featuring a slightly rounded number 2 rim contour.
  • • 11: 16.53 mm, .653" cup diameter; 26 throat. A superior mouthpiece with standard characteristics for a free-blowing mouthpiece.
  • • 11D4: 16.58 mm, .653" cup diameter; 26 throat. Slightly deeper than the model 11 with a number 4 semi-flat rim, which provides a definite cushion feel for endurance.
  • • 11E: 16.58 mm, .653" cup diameter; 26 throat. The large funnel-shaped cup encourages a big round tone, ideal for cornet.
  • • 12A4a: 16.71 mm, .658" cup diameter; 27 throat. Similar to the 12B4, but with a shallow A cup and tight a-backbore, which adds both endurance and range.
  • • 12A4: 16.71 mm, .658" cup diameter; 27 throat. This mouthpiece is the same as a 12A4a, but with a standard c-backbore.
  • • 12B4: 16.71 mm, .658" cup diameter; 26 throat. This medium-small conical B cup provides a full tone and the number 4 semi-flat rim allows for more endurance.
  • • 12: 16.69 mm, .657" cup diameter; 26 throat. A traditional medium size mouthpiece that includes a number 3 standard rim and c-backbore, which allows the player a full spectrum of sound.
  • • 13A4a: 16.76 mm, .660" cup diameter; 27 throat. The shallow A cup, semi-flat number 4 rim and tight a-backbore creates an ideal lead mouthpiece.
  • • 13A4: 16.76 mm, .660" cup diameter; 27 throat. Same as the 13A4a, but with a standard c-backbore which allows a free-blowing feel.
  • • 13B: 16.77 mm, .660" cup diameter; 26 throat. This mouthpiece has a B cup that is slightly deeper than the 13A4 and also offers a narrower round rim.
  • • 13: 16.8 mm9mm, .665" cup diameter; 26 throat. Ideal choice for a student or developing player with standard number 3 rim contour. The rounder rim provides increased flexibility and quick response. The C cup offers volume for tone.

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