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The Viola plays a very important role in the Orchestra. Voiced under the Violin, the Viola has a slightly larger body and a deeper tone. Within today’s modern orchestral, the use and function of the viola has remained relatively unchanged, as has the way violas are built. They provide the essential alto voice to create a sonic bridge between the violins and cellos. Often indistinguishable within the sound of the ensemble, and many times the unintended example in musical jokes, the viola remains an essential voice within the modern orchestra. Viola players today have some new choices for expression with the introduction of new modern electric violas. This newfound freedom has granted the player the ability to manipulate their tone in the same way a guitar player does, and even compete sonically with louder ensembles. Even the design of the electric viola is reminiscent of the acoustic counterpart, making the transition between acoustic and electric instruments seemless. The Woodwind & Brasswind carries top brand like Yamaha, Nagoya Suzuki, Knilling, Bellafina and more. We’re also your source for all Orchestral String accessories; including viola strings, bows and rosin.