Handsome in design and made to stand out, the Allora AATR-101 Student Trumpet was crafted to appeal to younger musicians. As well, its lacquered color mix of rose, brass and nickel offers a unique appearance that is tough to find anywhere else.


With a clean, bright sound, the Allora AATR-101 has a controlled tone, even when going from lower to higher registers. As well, there is little to no resistance as players move through the two primary octaves, giving it a much more professional feel than the "student" name implies.

Included Accessories

  • A hard shell case with plastic reinforcement to handle everyday travel.
  • A 7C mouthpiece, offering an average student size.
  • A pair of fabric gloves to complete the look (and suggest that musicians handle the Allora AATR-101carefully).

Ideal for beginners, the Allora AATR-101 Student Trumpet does everything you'd expect from a student instrument. And because it is still able to appeal to more intermediate musicians as well, with care and maintenance it can help any trumpeter advance in technique as they grow. This negates to the need for an early upgrade, making this trumpet truly something special.