Quality Construction, Portability, and Playability

There's a reason why musicians continue to trumpet about the outstanding features of the Allora MXPT-5801-BK. Tightly wound tubing on this Bb trumpet results in a shorter horn that maintains the standard dynamic range and power, offering professionals a quality instrument that's portable and easy to play. Pocket trumpets were originally made for children and beginner players in the 19th century, but due to their convenient size, they became a huge hit with traveling musicians. If you were to unwind the tubing of a pocket trumpet, it would be almost the same length as a standard Bb trumpet. The sound is the same too. A pocket trumpet delivers a cutting projection that gets you noticed, making it a great ensemble instrument and ideal for louder venues. You can also hear yourself better when playing a pocket trumpet because the bell is closer to your ears. This also makes it easier to reach the bell when you're using a mute.

Not long ago, the only options for a pocket trumpet were either a low-end, difficult-to-play instrument, or an expensive-but-quality horn with a price that was hard to justify for an amateur musician. And there weren't many instruments in-between. The Allora black nickel MXPT-5801-BK pocket trumpet changed all that. This horn is made in the spirit of old world techniques using the latest technologies in modern facilities, making it a high quality instrument with a reasonable price.

When you look at the attention to detail that goes into the making of an Allora pocket trumpet, you'll quickly understand why this artist-level instrument is such an incredible value. Not only is each Allora pocket trumpet built with superior intonation, you'll also enjoy a yellow brass leadpipe and bell that add warmth to the trumpet's rich, full sound. Other quality features include stainless steel valves, a third-valve slide ring, 2 water keys and 3 stainless steel pistons. There is also a .459" bore, a 3-2/3" bell, standard leadpipe,and it accepts a 7C trumpet mouthpiece. The genuine, black nickel plating offers added durability, and some of the slide curves are even accented with lacquered brass, all of which combine to create an impressive looking pocket trumpet.

In conclusion, the Allora MXPT-5801-BK pocket trumpet is a great solo instrument and a worthy contender for beginner and younger players. Artists will enjoy its rich, brilliant tonality, incredible projection and true trumpet intonation. Plus, its small size makes it lighter for playing, carrying, and traveling. And the most important point of all – the Allora MXPT-5801-BK pocket trumpet is simply a fun instrument to play for any trumpet musician.