Allora Chicago

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Both the Allora Chicago Jazz Tenor Saxophone and the Allora Chicago Jazz Alto Saxophone produce big and husky saxophone sounds. Their tonal strengths are especially noticeable in the low range. One would expect this from a saxophone made in the spirit of Chicago—historic home of one of the great American jazz traditions.

Allora instruments are designed by professional musicians and crafted in the spirit of techniques that are more than 100 years old. Today the craftsmen making Allora Chicago Jazz Tenor and Allora Chicago Jazz Alto saxophones are trained in the same traditions for which European instrument makers were once famous.

This dedication to the old world art of musical instrument manufacturing is magnificently exhibited in the Allora Chicago Jazz Tenor and Alto saxophones. Each instrument is built to the exacting tolerances that were once reserved for only the most expensive saxophones.

Allora Chicago Jazz series saxophones exhibit a beautiful dark gold lacquer finish on the body, neck, bell, and keys. The 85% red brass body is ribbed for durability and is enhanced by a large bell. You will feel the substantial weight of the horn's metal working on your behalf, imparting a richness of tone not always found in modern saxophones. Its smoothness and solidity under your fingers, as well as its free-blowing characteristics make the Allora Chicago sax easy and efficient to play.

Allora's modern facilities use the latest technology to guarantee expertly assembled, reasonably priced saxophones, made to the highest quality standards available to music instrument manufacturers today.

Attention to detail is evident throughout. Modern and comfortable keywork; rolled toneholes; Pisoni pads; hand engraving on the bell and bow; and double arms on the low C, B, and Bb demonstrate how the Allora Jazz series saxophones offer great value for their price. Each Allora Chicago Jazz saxophone is delivered with its own care kit,

Allora Chicago Jazz Series saxophones keep the jazz tradition alive with their big bells, dark finish, and sultry sound. Your Allora sax is sure to be welcome in any jazz combo or big band thanks to the combination of professional quality and attractive pricing. Allora Chicago Jazz Tenor and Allora Chicago Alto saxophones are great instruments at a great price.