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There are numerous resources on general music subjects such as practicing, rehearsing, the music industry, music teaching and education and numerous articles on the benefits of music for children and adults alike. Woodwind & Brasswind invites you to take full advantage of this online resource full of music articles, playing tips and more.

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Summer Chops: How To Keep Your Students Practicing While On Break

The Benefits of Owning Your Beginning Instrument

Set Up for Success: Making Sure Your Beginners Have the Right Tools

Summer Reading: Educator Resources for Summer Break

More Than Music: Building A Successful Marching Program

Instrument Shopping on Ebay? Read this first.

How Music Study Relates to Nearly Every School Discipline

Getting Work as a Freelance Musician

An Open Letter to Parents

How Do the Quality and Cost of a Musical Instrument Affect It's Sound and Tone?

How Success in Music Equates With Success in Life

On the Case - What to Look For, What to Avoid

Step Into Jazz Jam Sessions with Confidence

So you’re going to a blues jam

How to Blend Within a Section of Other Players

What to do on the First Day of Rehearsal

Benefits of Practicing Your Music with Others

How to Set Up Your Music Practice Space

Listening to Music Outside Your Comfort Zone

So Many Valve Oils... Which One Should I Use?

An Overview of Musical Instrument Tuners

Five Things I Should Have Spent More Time on in College

Practicing vs. Playing

Parent Engagement, Education, and Empowerment

Band Camp Strategies

What Makes Kids Kick It In And Take The Lead?

Shaping a Drum Major

So You Want to Be a Judge?

Musicians as Athletes

Ten Exercises for Improvisational Marching

Do I Really Need to Own a Tuner?

It's Important for an Instrumentalist to be Able to Sing in Tune

The Importance of Sight Reading

Administrative Software for the Music Educator

iPad Apps for the Music Educator

How to Break Into the Music Industry

Keeping it Fresh: New Ideas for Marching Band Rehearsal

The Art of the School Purchase Order

Music Makes You Smarter

Music Education Advocacy: How to Get Involved

Finding a Balance: Quality vs Affordability

Transitioning from Marching Season to Concert Season

I Want to Write a Song, but I don't Know How!

Is it Necessary for Musicians to Warm Up and Use Finger Exercises?

What is a Music Fakebook?

Finding the Right Metronome

The Ten Best Acoustic Guitars

Successfully Dealing with Difficult Parents

Exclusive Content from the Midwest Clinic

Winter Reading: Educator Resource for Winter Break

Advice for New Band Directors

Silent Practicing: Practical Solutions for Apartments & Hotels

Custom Marching Program 101: How to Build Your Own Marching Show

Starting a Successful Jazz Program at Your School

Adding a keyboard to your Jazz Band

Choosing Quality Jazz Music

The Art of Teaching Jazz Technique

How to Select the Right Private Music Teacher for my Child

Summer Music Camps

How Having a Musical Idol Benefits You

How to Start a Band

Practicing Music With a Metronome

Taking the Steps to Step-Up a Musical Instrument

Back to School, Again: Fighting Teacher Burnout

Flight Cases — Flying Your Musical Instrument

Learning a Secondary Musical Instrument

I Want to Improvise Musically

Help! I Want to Record My Original Composition!

Music Stands for Musicians

Bringing Diversity to Music Education

Benefits of Financing an Instrument Instead of Renting

Accessory Upgrade Guide

Preserving the Culture of Musical Literacy

Evidence of Musical Dyslexia

Motivation Techniques for Music Teachers

Start Your Musical School Year on the Right Note

Music Teacher Interview Tips

Advice for New Band and Music Teachers