Bassoon Breakdown

Bassoon Diagram

Bassoon Types

Student Bassoons

Designed specifically for musicians new to the bassoon, student instruments are crafted with learning in mind. Featuring only the most essential keys, as well as often smaller in size (to accommodate smaller hands), they are usually constructed of plastic as it's more durable and can stand up to the rigors that newer players put them through.

Intermediate Bassoons

The next step up from a student model is intermediate. Promoting the fundamentals, while allowing musicians to expand their skillset, they offer everything a student option can, as well as the full German key system. Still typically crafted of plastic, you'll also find maple bassoons at the intermediate level, which has a warm, resonant tone.

Professional Bassoons

For serious bassoonists, professional bassoons are the most ideal choice. A full German key system is almost always used, but custom keys are also the norm at this level, allowing for added comfort and an extended range. Plastic is still used in professional construction, but maple is by far the preferred option.

Artistan Bassoons

Hand-crafted and designed to be as much a piece of art as it is an instrument, these bassoons are truly something special.



A material that appears in all skill levels, plastic is considered one of the most durable options, and is resistant to humidity and temperature concerns. Plastic is also extremely affordable comparted to maple.


For top-quality construction, maple is by far the most popular. Resonant in tone, its only drawback is durability.


Long Bore

Preferred for chamber and symphonic play, a long bore provides a rounder sound that blends beautifully.

Short Bore

More desired for solo play, a short bore delivers a more open and signing tone.

Additional Notable Features

Whisper Key

Located at the lower end of the upper row of left thumb keys, this key allows for softer dynamic levels for the lower middle register, acting as a vent.

Whisper Key Lock

Allows the whisper key to stay engaged even when the finger is not on the key.

High D Key

Enables the response of high D.

High E Key

Enables the response of high E.

Trust Woodwind & Brasswind

Remember, when selecting a bassoon you should always consider the musician's skill level, age and planned use. If you're a student, a great place to start is by speaking with your music or band teacher.

In the end, no matter which bassoon you decide on, if it's with Woodwind & Brasswind you'll have complete piece of mind. The Woodwind & Brasswind's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means you have 45 days to be sure it's right for you. If it's not, just return it for a full refund.* And you don't need to worry about paying too much. The 45-Day Lowest Price Guarantee means that if you find the same bassoon advertised for less elsewhere, we'll make up the difference. When you buy your bassoon from Woodwind & Brasswind, you can buy with complete confidence.

* All returned instruments priced over $3,000.00 are assessed a $20.00 fee. All bows are assessed a $4.00 return fee.