The Bellafina 50 Violin Outfit is changing the way people are learning to play the violin. Very affordable and crafted to compete with instruments that cost twice as much, this violin has a warm sound that will be instantly appreciated. From novice to advanced players, everyone is able to get something from playing the Bellafina Model 50 Violin.

Featuring a composite tailpiece with an ebony fingerboard and pegs, the Bellafina Model 50 Violin also has a beautifully carved tonewood top plate. As well, it has high-quality inlaid purfling helping to prevent cracks as the instrument matures, and it comes with abrazilwood bow with natural horsehair, providing a professional touch to an already exemplary instrument set. Finished with a lightweight suspension case, musicians are able to safely transport theirviolin and the accompanying accessories with ease.

In terms of voice, the Bellafina Model 50 Violin is robust in tone, but still offers depth and nuance in clarity, resonance and vibrancy which adds to the high-end reputation of this instrument. For the price, you most likely won't find an instrument with a better overall sound.

After play-testing the Bellafina 50 Student Model Violin, orchestra teachers across the US had this to say:

"Outstanding instrument! Superb is the only thing I can say about it! I am thoroughly impressed with the depth of sound, clarity of tone, and resonance and vibrancy of these instruments.
- Samantha, Chicago, IL

"The Bellafina 50 is a decently priced violin for your average student. The quality of wood and craftsmanship that went into making it are better than most factory made instruments. I was also impressed with the quality of wood and parts for the Bellafina cellos. Decently priced and good construction."
- String Teacher, El Centro, CA

"It is a good beginner violin. It looks nice, so the student likes it right from the beginning. I like the violin very much for my students. I really like the case. It isn't too heavy to carry around, and it has the "professional" rectangle shape that helps with the music, etc."
- String Teacher, Western Jordan, UT

"It is certainly an appropriate instrument for any beginner in the string program. Its quality will allow students to make a characteristic sound on the string instrument with very little frustration!"
- String Teacher, Frisco, TX

"Big sound, string height was ok, usable pegs, nice appearance, bow was fine, case ok. Good value for the money."
- String Teacher, Ann Arbor, MI

"I think it's a comparable instrument to those sold at similar prices from Southwest Strings, Shar, etc."
- String Teacher, Plymouth, MN

"The case is light and easy to carry. The bow is decent. This would be a great 4, 5,or 6th grade level instrument, maybe even intermediate."
- String Teacher, Keizer, OR

"I was impressed with the appearance of the violin and the case. When I compared the sound with another "school violin," it was very comparable. My first impression was very positive."
- String Teacher, West Lafayette, IN

"One word…WOW! The sound quality of this instrument is phenomenal! In both lower and higher registers, the sound resonates like an expensive instrument. It's amazing it retails for $199."
- String Teacher, Houston, TX

"For the price, the quality was very good. It has a nice tone and set up."
- String Teacher, Houston, TX

"Overall, it seems like a solid instrument for the price. As far as student models go, it is a nice package. At a price tag of around $200, I'm impressed with the instrument. That makes it superior to renting."
- String Teacher, Parker, CO

"I think this is a wonderful instrument for the value. The overall setup of the violin looks great (including pegs/fine tuners, etc. which are usually compromised when a price is lower). It has a very nice sound, compared to most student violins! They are very affordable for a school budget, and I think it makes a nice instrument for students who are unable to afford a more expensive instrument. I feel like I have finally found a quality, affordable instrument that I can recommend to students who wish to purchase an instrument."
- String Teacher, Sinking Spring, PA

"I'm very surprised at the quality of this instrument. Generally instruments in this price range don't have the fullness of tone and proper resonance that this violin does. The instrument also doesn't look cheap like many similar priced instruments do. Great job with this violin."
- String Teacher, Avon, OH

If you're interested in owning a Bellafina Model 50 Violin of your own, you'll be happy to know they're available at Woodwind & Brasswind. And because Bellafina musical instruments and music accessories are backed by The Woodwind & Brasswind's 110% Price Guarantee, you won't find them at a lower price anywhere else.