Parents of beginner music students who are starting out in band class probably ask you all the time whether they should rent or buy their students’ instruments. While renting likely sounds appealing to parents (by allowing them to spread the cost over time and allowing for a student to abandon playing that instrument or stop pursuing music altogether), it isn’t necessarily the best option.

Instead, let parents know that they also have the option of financing instruments like flutes, trumpets, clarinets, saxophones and more! Communicate to them the benefits of financing versus renting. Here are several to discuss with them.

- Like renting, financing allows the parents to spread the cost of the instrument over time, with convenient monthly payments, instead of having to pay up front.  
- Parents can often find incredible financing offers. The normal selling price of a band instrument can be 20-40% less than the list price! With rentals, it’s possible to end up paying more in rental fees than it would have cost to buy a brand-new instrument up front. This is because parents are paying the list price (the full “suggested retail price”) for the instrument.
- Rental contracts usually include interest charges and insurance fees, even if they’re not explicitly spelled out. Parents could end up paying two or three times more for a rental instrument over the years than they would if they had financed a new instrument.
- With financing, the student is guaranteed to get a brand-new instrument. Some music stores will rent used instruments instead of new ones. Used instruments could have worn finishes, poorly-repaired damage or are simply past their prime. All of these elements could affect the playability of the instrument and reduce the pride and enjoyability a student feels when playing the instrument.
- Financing a new band instrument gives students a greater sense of commitment to playing an instrument. It can also provide motivation for the parents to encourage the student to practice regularly, which you know is necessary for success in playing any instrument.

If a band parent is still unsure about whether they want to finance an instrument, encourage them to call Woodwind & Brasswind at 800.348.5003 to speak with one of our experts. We are happy to walk the parent through everything that goes into financing with us so they understand exactly what they are paying for and why it’s a great option.