Owning Your Sound

Whether to rent or purchase a musical instrument is an ongoing debate. This decision likely revolves around your child’s interest in learning to play an instrument as part of a school music program, but it might be that you have decided to learn something new yourself. Don’t let choosing an instrument be driven solely by price.

It is essential to research your musical instrument of choice. Find out everything you can, talk to a music instructor, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Let’s look at the benefits of owning your sound.

Cost Considerations of Owning vs. Renting

Oftentimes, people think that renting will be the cheaper option. However, in the long run, renting can actually be more expensive than purchasing! A time period beyond twelve months generally makes purchasing more cost effective.

Rental prices can vary greatly depending on the instrument and where you live. On average, an entry level saxophone would rent in the range of $30/month. But, check out how affordable it is to own this high quality Conn Selmer Prelude Alto Saxophone - for as low as $38/month with Woodwind & Brasswind’s special financing offer, you could own it after 3 years! If you rented it, you’d be paying nearly the same amount, but at the end of the period, you have to return it.

You’ll often be able to purchase a higher quality instrument than you would find with rental options. The Jupiter JTB700A trombone is a high quality beginner instrument that can be affordably purchased on a three year plan. The Prelude Conn-Selmer TB711 trombone is another excellent option for a beginner musician.

All reputable instrument sellers will offer a satisfaction guarantee, plus new instruments will carry a manufacturer’s warranty to help protect your purchase.

Many instruments retain their value and can easily be sold if you or your student chooses to step up to an intermediate instrument. The Jupiter JTS700S trumpet is an affordably priced, high quality trumpet, that with proper care will be well worth the investment. Another option is the Prelude Conn-Selmer TR711 trumpet, a value priced instrument from a respected manufacturer.


Other Advantages to Owning Your Instrument

  • An intangible advantage of buying an instrument is the sense of responsibility it can instill in your child when he or she is taught to care for, respect, and play the instrument. As you research options, keep in mind that a quality instrument will have a significant impact on your new musician. Well-made instruments are easier to play and will encourage learning. For the new woodwind player, consider the JFL700A Student Flute from Jupiter. The new clarinetist will enjoy learning to play on the Conn-Selmer JFL711 Bb Clarinet. Both of these instruments are made from high quality materials and designed for new players.
  • There are many options available when you or your child are ready to move to a step-up instrument. The original instrument might be kept for back-up, used by a sibling, or used as a trade in.


Financing Your Instrument

In addition to the high level of quality currently offered at very reasonable prices, there is financing available to make owning an instrument even more affordable. Woodwind & Brasswind offers up to 36 month no-interest financing. Financing payments on many student-level instruments will be very comparable (or less expensive!) to the cost of renting, with an important exception. At the end of the finance period you will own the instrument! Between available financing and the excellent quality at amazing prices, owning that instrument is more affordable than ever.

No matter what type of instrument you’re looking for, Woodwind & Brasswind has been meeting the needs of students and professionals for decades. Each purchase is backed by Woodwind & Brasswind's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

As musicians of all levels have done for decades, you can buy from Woodwind & Brasswind with complete confidence that you received the best instrument for the very best price. Call us at 800.348.5003 to learn more about our “Why rent?” offers on incredible beginner instruments.