The Best Gifts for Saxophone Players

If you have a saxophone player on your gift list, the good news is that shopping for them can be easy, fun, and you’re virtually assured that they’ll love the gift. Whether it’s a Christmas stocking stuffer, a birthday gift, or a gift for some other special occasion, there are loads of ideas in a wide range of prices. Be sure to find out if you are shopping for an alto, tenor, soprano, or other type of saxophone. It might be good to know the instrument brand, but don’t fret if you don’t.

Saxophone Stocking Stuffers or Inexpensive Sax Gifts

Sax players need to have a fresh supply of saxophone reeds on hand at all times – it’s a good idea to find out what brand and strength they prefer. Alternatively, you could gift them with an assortment of reeds, perhaps including a synthetic reed, which they may not have tried before. Once a player has settled on a particular reed, they rarely try others and this would give them an opportunity to do so.

Saxophonists can also be particular about the cases that hold their reeds. Reeds must be kept in a humid environment so they don’t dry out. Cases are less brand specific than reeds, just be sure to select a reputable manufacturer.

Other accessories to consider that make great gifts for saxophone players are mouthpiece pouches, neck straps, and swabs to keep the instrument sparkling.

Great Saxophone Gifts under $100

Every saxophone player needs a good saxophone stand. Check out innovative new styles that might delight the musician. An upgraded saxophone harness would be a wonderful gift that shows how much you care. Another unique gift idea for a saxophone player is a deflector, a device that clips on to the bell and deflects the sound back to the player enabling them to hear their notes much more clearly.  Or, for an advanced player, consider a reed adjuster, a small precision device that instantly improves the playability of any reed. As you can see, there are so many cool ideas!

Gifts for the Saxophone Player in your Life

Let’s say you want to really spoil your musician. A new sax mouthpiece would be an amazing gift. Maybe the sax player would love a mouthpiece with a vintage feel or an eye-catching metal mouthpiece. Find out what you can about the instrument and the player’s style – then call us at 800.348.5003 and we’ll help you determine the best mouthpiece for them!  

A clip-on microphone could be a thoughtful choice for the sax player. Another idea is a portable recorder that can be used anytime, anywhere. Or, how about a set of Bluetooth headphones? Most musicians consider headphones a necessity when practicing.

Saxophone Gifts Just for Fun

If you prefer to choose something other than specific accessories for the saxophone, consider some novelty, saxophone-themed gifts. There are so many clever ideas such as cufflinks, ties, sterling silver pendants, and even a wine bottle holder! 

You also can’t go wrong with some new music for the saxophone – maybe crowd pleasers like sax solos from Star Wars or Disney favorites. There are also interesting pieces of saxophone artwork that your musician would enjoy having in the practice room.

Here are a few products from well-known manufacturers that are sure to please.  Have fun shopping!

Saxophone Reeds and Cases

Vandoren Alto Saxophone Reeds - these reeds are high quality, traditional reeds, packed ten to the box.

Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds – these are another high quality reed, well suited to any playing style and packed ten to the box.

Legere Signature Series Alto Saxophone Reeds - preferred by professional saxophone players, these synthetic reeds are sold individually.

D’Addario Woodwinds Select Jazz Filed Tenor Saxophone Reeds - an excellent choice for the tenor saxophone player, packed five to the box.

Rico Multi Instrument Reed Vitalizer Case - the sax player will love this case that provides humidity control for their reeds. 

Saxophone Mouthpieces

Theo-Wanne New York Brothers Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - the Theo-Wanne is a high end, vintage style mouthpiece. This gift will wow your sax player.

JodyJazz Hard Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece - this mouthpiece is made of hard rubber sourced from Germany. It is hand finished and produces a warm sound.

Selmer Paris S80 Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - this is a hard rubber mouthpiece from the famous Selmer company. It is affordably priced and assists with stability and accuracy.

Saxophone Straps and Harnesses

Neotech Soft Sax Strap - this product is a comfortable strap made of neoprene that evenly distributes the weight of the saxophone.

JAZZLAB saXholder Pro Saxophone Harness - this harness is a game changer. Its design eliminates neck and back strain through innovative design and lightweight construction.

Shopping for Saxophones and Sax Accessories

Woodwind & Brasswind carries a huge assortment of saxophones and woodwind accessories from the best manufacturers on the market. You can browse the full selection or reach out to our music experts, who are standing by at 800.348.5003.