Choosing a meaningful gift, and staying within your budget, can be challenging. But if there is a trumpet player on your gift list, you will be able to find options in a wide range of prices and the trumpet player will be delighted by your thoughtfulness.

Good Stocking Stuffers or Inexpensive Gifts for Trumpet Players

Keeping the trumpet clean, inside and out, is critical, both for appearance and sound. An all-inclusive cleaning kit would be a great choice, like the Giardinelli Trumpet Maintenance and Care Kit.  A unique device that the musician would find handy is the Band Shieldz Trumpet Protection Kit.  The material fits snugly around the bell, protecting the instrument from dings and scratches when placed on hard surfaces.  Another item that is sure to please is a trumpet stand.  These come in lots of styles including standing pegs and wall mounted.  Valve oil is always needed and makes a nice little add-on gift.

Trumpet Mouthpieces and Mutes

A high quality mouthpiece would make a wonderful gift.  One of the best is the Bach Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece in Silver.  These beautifully designed mouthpieces are used in every orchestra and studio in the world.  If your musician is a lead player, the Jet-Tone BC Classic Re-Issue Trumpet Mouthpiece is a fantastic choice.  It is a remastered style that makes playing high notes easier. 

Mutes make another excellent gift as most trumpet players need and want more than one mute.  The Jo-Ral 2C Bubble Mute for Trumpet is made from spun aluminum and copper, producing virtually perfect intonation.  If your budget calls for a less expensive item, you can’t miss with the Denis Wick DW5504 Series Trumpet Mute.  British made, Denis Wick mutes are widely acclaimed and well suited to any style of player.   A fun choice is the Harmon B Model Trumpet Wow-Wow Mute, specifically created for that classic “wha-wha” sound effect.


“Splurge” Gift for Trumpet Players

Nothing could be cooler than the Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet.  The kit includes a mute, receiver, ear buds, and cabling.  Players have always had practice mutes, but they are difficult to play and don’t have good sound. Yamaha developed a system that allows players to plug headphones into the mute, enabling them to clearly hear the sound while people around them don’t hear much at all. It was revolutionary for people who lived in apartments, had young children or wanted to warm up backstage

Other Gift Ideas

There are countless gift ideas for trumpet players.  A leather valve guard is a nice little gift and a hand and finger strengthener might be appreciated.  There are also many novelty gifts such as trumpet shaped earrings or cufflinks, key chains, coffee mugs, and posters.  New sheet music is always a good bet, especially music that can be enjoyed during holidays or for parties.

Shopping for Trumpets and Trumpet Accessories at Woodwind & Brasswind

Woodwind & Brasswind carries a huge assortment of trumpets and trumpet accessories from the best manufacturers on the market. If you need help selecting the best gift for the trumpet player in your life, call our music experts at 800.348.5003. You can also check out our trumpet buying guide for more information on trumpets.