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Blessing BTR-1580 Trumpet Review

Blessing BTR-1580 Trumpet Review

A Professional-Quality Trumpet at an Affordable Price

The Blessing BTR-1580 Trumpet is not only the first truly professional trumpet made by E. K. Blessing since the 1960s, but it also represents their highest achievement in a century of professional brass instrument design and production.

Surprisingly, with all the quality built into the BTR-1580 trumpet, it still represents an extraordinary value for musicians. The free-blowing horn boasts tightly slotted and centered intonation and a single-piece, hand-hammered bell that creates a pro-sounding tone. The result is that the Blessing BTR-1580 challenges instruments that sell for double or triple its price.

The Blessing BTR-1580 offers you a trumpet with a .460" bore, a newly designed #14 bell, hand-lapped Monel pistons, a thumb saddle on the first slide, a fixed finger ring on the third slide, and an adjustable stop rod. The professional mouthpiece receiver has been redesigned, the main tuning-slide tubing is nickel-plated, and a Blessing 7C mouthpiece accompanies each trumpet.

Available finishes include your choice of lacquer, vintage, silver plate, or silver plate with gold trim. Blessing ships the BTR-1580 Trumpet with a rugged well-crafted case that provides plenty of protection for your horn.

Performers describe the BTR-1580 trumpet's slides and valves as effortless and the horn's tone as impeccable. This Blessing trumpet is especially appropriate as a performer's first professional horn and for students moving to a higher-level instrument. If you already have a good trumpet, the BTR-1580 also makes a great second instrument to have in your arsenal.

As with all Blessing instruments, the BTR-1580 is manufactured at the Blessing factory in Elkhart, Indiana, by some of the most experienced and talented brass instrument makers in the world.

The folks at Blessing live by the slogan, "We put music first," and they believe that there is no professional trumpet made today that compares to the value delivered by the Blessing BTR-1580.


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