In 1927, George Bundy relocated from Elkhart, Indiana to New York City, after taking over ownership of the H&A Selmer Music Store, previously owned by Henri and Alexandre Selmer. Originally one of Alexandre Selmer’s clarinet students, Bundy became an employee in 1909, and within two years, found himself running the store. In 1941, 14 years after purchasing the H&A Selmer Music Store, George Bundy began creating instruments specifically designed for students. We now know this line of instruments famously today as Bundy, the world’s most trusted student instruments

The Bundy name became widely recognized early on thanks in part to their durability and high quality. By the late 40’s, Bundy was the first choice for many beginner musicians from around the world.

Due to their solid construction and fair prices, Bundy instruments are highly-rated by music teachers, and are quite often the number one choice for novice musicians. Assembled with the strongest materials, Bundy instruments also include necessary extras like cases, mouthpieces and instrument care products.

Bundy BFL-300 Flute - Gorgeously constructed and charmingly detailed, the Bundy BFL-300 is highly recommended to beginners. This stunning flute has a plateau key-style and an offset G key, making it easily playable for new players with petite hands. Simply put, it’s the perfect economical choice for learners. Designed to produce a tone that’s both dark and sweet, the stainless steel springs of this flute keeps it well adjusted, and the durable, silver-plated finish looks remarkable.

Bundy BAS-300 Student Alto Saxophone - Any new player would be off to a great start with this perfect beginner saxophone. The Bundy Alto Saxophone consists of a spectacular lacquered body that’s complete with nickel plated keys, an abundance of incredible features, and available to you at a reasonable price. To ensure a quicker and easier response with extra projection, this saxophone also includes leather pads and plastic resonators, as well as an extra strong bell for superb reliability and staying power. A Hardshell ABS case is also included.

Bundy BTR-300 Student B-flat Trumpet - A superb choice for novice musicians in need of a quality instrument, the BTR-300 Student B-flat Trumpet contains a .460 degree bore and a red brass leadpipe to provide an exceptional first-rate tone. Built to last with yellow brass slide receive tubes and a main tuning slide brace, this trumpet also includes a 1st valve thumb saddle and an adjustable 3rd valve finger ring, ensuring intonation adjustment is effortless and smooth.

Bundy BPC-300 Piccolo - The younger sibling of the flute family, the Bundy BPC-300 piccolo is versatile and highly recommended. Constructed with the highest quality materials and amazing attention to detail, this piccolo is easy to play, looks fantastic, and includes a charming wood case. For playing outside, the silver-plated headjoint provides plenty of projection. For indoor use, the plastic body helps produce a pleasant, warm tone. The stainless steel screws, pads and hard case are all included to ensure this piccolo is durable, long-lasting, and produces a sound that’s forever pleasing to the ear.

Bundy BCL-300 Clarinet - Perfect for the student musician, this clarinet contains a Boehm keywork system that positions tone holes at acoustically optimum points. The combination of impeccable sound and easy playability makes the Bundy BCL-300 Clarinet the ultimate choice for new players. The keywork offers an astounding response, and the ABS resin body gives this clarinet a tone and look that resembles a wood clarinet, minus any worry of cracks. For a clarinet that’s strong and built to last, the Bundy BCL-300 Clarinet is ideal.

Bundy BTS-300 Tenor Saxophone - A new player can have peace of mind knowing they’re off to a terrific start with the Bundy BTS-300 Tenor Saxophone. With its lacquered body and rich tonal qualities, this saxophone has an extremely attractive feel and finish. Some of the refined details included with this instrument are the very convenient adjustable brass thumb hook, as well as a post-to-body structure that provides a cheerful and bright tone. For fast and easy response, this saxophone also includes first-rate pads and key mechanisms. Like all Bundy instruments, you can be sure this strong and durable instrument will provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.