Cymbals add color, texture, impact and subtleties to concert band, marching band, orchestra, jazz ensemble and chamber music. In addition to the emotional element they add to music, cymbals can also serve as time keepers and provide special effects within a given piece.

The following cymbal categories are listed in priority order, based on the common needs of contemporary and classic literature. Each cymbal selection is marked with either a B to indicate a more budget conscious purchase or a U to indicate a product that would be considered an upgraded choice.




Crash Cymbal Pairs

In addition to their use during musical impacts, crash cymbals are essential to a majority of march literature and depending on the type of cymbal, can also be used as a suspended cymbal. Crash cymbals most commonly range in size from 16"-22", with a good general pair being 18".

BZildjian 18" A Classic Orchestral Selection Suspended: this is a solid choice for a general suspended cymbal that provides a full combination of high and low overtones.

BSabian 18" AA Viennese: the Sabian equivalent to the Zildjian selection above.

UZildjian 18" K Constantinople Medium Light: a lighter member of the hand-hammered Zildjian Constantinople family, these cymbals also have strong, dark and low overtones that blend well with all types of ensembles. Additionally, these cymbals will work well as suspended cymbals when purchased with the Sabian gooseneck stand attachment detailed below. All K Constantinople Cymbal pairs include a 20" Orchestral Cymbal bag, one pair of orchestral felt pads and one pair of leather straps.

USabian 18" Artisan Traditional Symphonic Medium Light: similar to the Zildjian Constantinople pair, these hand-hammered cymbals have sensitive response with rich, warm and musically complex tone.


Essential Crash Cymbal Hardware and Accessories

Zildjian Leather Cymbal Straps: this pair of leather straps may be needed to complete your cymbal setup if they are not included with your purchase.

Zildjian Hand Cymbal Cradle: this cymbal cradle is essential for holding hand cymbals when not in use or during a performance. It fits with most standard cymbal stand bases.

Sabian Gooseneck Stand Attachment: convert your crash cymbals into suspended cymbals with this accessory that is easily mounted in cymbal stand bases.




Suspended Cymbals

Suspended cymbals most commonly ranges in size from 16"-20", with the most typical function serving as a support for dynamic shape by rolling with two yarn mallets.

BZildjian 18" A Classic Orchestral Selection Suspended: this is a solid choice for a general suspended cymbal that provides a full combination of high and low overtones.

BSabian 18" AA Orchestral Suspended: similar to the Zildjian choice above, this cymbal is machine spun but can still provide your ensembles with a classic suspended cymbal sound at an affordable price.

UZildjian 18" K Constantinople Suspended: an investment in a hand-hammered cymbal can provide your ensemble with a darker, richer and more blended texture for all of your suspended cymbal needs.

USabian 18" Artisan Traditional Symphonic Suspended: this vintage-style hand-hammered cymbal is another excellent choice if you are looking to upgrade the sound of your percussion section to more complex and full overtones with a wide dynamic range and immediate response.


Essential Suspended Cymbal Hardware and Accessories

Yamaha CS755 Single Braced Boom Cymbal Stand: this versatile cymbal stand can be used in multiple musical applications with a variety of cymbal types. It can also be configured in many different ways to accommodate several different setups, maximizing your use of space in the rehearsal and performance area.

Pro-Mark S22 Cymbal Sizzler: a very inexpensive addition to your inventory when literature calls for a ìsizzle cymbal. This accessory easily mounts on the top of any cymbal stand.