If you’re looking to buy a sax for the novice player, rather than rent one, the Etude EAS-100 Student Alto Saxophone is an excellent choice. Budding musicians are still exploring their interests so it’s best not to make a major cash investment at the beginning. With its perfect combination of desired features and a reasonable price of under $400, the Etude EAS-100 alto sax is a great option that will challenge and test the student’s abilities as they learn to play this woodwind instrument.

Unlike ultra-cheap saxophones from which some of the high and low keys are omitted to reduce costs, the Etude Alto Saxophone is a full standard range instrument, from low Bb to high F. How does it play? When you consider that you’re buying this sax for a young student, it plays really well for the price. The overtones are solid, the stock mouthpiece is suitable for a beginner and it has a good overall pitch. This sax even comes with a case for added protection and easy portability to and from lessons.

Another important factor to consider is the feel of the sax in your hands. Not being comfortable can have an impact on the player’s performance. Manufacturers often choose to make this their cost-saving compromise but that is not the case with the Etude EAS-100. This sax features solid key work and the fingering system feels good.

Something to keep in mind when you receive this sax is that it will arrive without any modifications or fine tuning. To a professional, the scale is a little bit off but not enough to create any issues for a student until high school. You might find playing low B to low C# a little challenging but that is something that can be easily adjusted, and minor pitch issues such as open C# to middle D seem to spread too far creating a sharp sounding D. Also, the top end might feel a little flat but it won’t make a major difference as most students usually tighten on the higher notes.

Basically, the Etude EAS-100 is a fully functional and attractive alto saxophone on which students can learn to play. Of course, you could find a sax that’s louder and more vibrant but you’d have to pay much more. When looking at total benefits versus cost, the Etude EAS-100 alto sax is a remarkable instrument that will provide years of quality performance for the beginner student.