Fox oboes and bassoons

Fox supplies musicians around the globe with oboes and bassoons as well as offering some of the finest contrabassoons and English horns in the world. Fox distinctive double-reed musical instruments have been in production for more than 60 years, serving thousands of musicians during that time. Throughout its history, Fox has put the needs and tastes of its customers first when producing musical instruments or making improvements to them.

As early as the 1930s, founder Hugo Fox was making his own bassoon reeds. Fox was the principal bassoonist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1922 to 1949. He started his company in South Whitley, Indiana, during the summer of 1949. By the 1950s, he added oboe reeds to the Fox product line. Additional machinery and tools led Fox to expand into bassoon production. The first Fox bassoon was completed in November 1951. By the end of that first production year, Fox had delivered a dozen bassoons. By the end of the '50s, Fox's output reached 60 bassoons, 5,000 bassoon reeds, and 10,000 oboe reeds each year,

During the 1960s, the Fox company added a crew of skilled technicians to make their instruments and train other employees in quality double-reed instrument manufacturing. The Fox company survived Hugo Fox's death in 1969 and went on to introduce a contrabassoon in 1970, and created the value-priced Renard bassoon line in 1971.

In 1974 Fox expanded into oboe manufacturing, introducing the Fox Renard 330 Oboe. Since that time Fox has introduced four English hom models and made significant improvements in the acoustics and workmanship of all Fox professional oboes, as well as making further strides in developing the professional bassoon.

Oboes and bassoons are a significant investment for an aspiring musician. 

Moderately priced Fox oboes

The Fox Renard Model 333 Student Oboe is a high-quality instrument intended to fit an institutional or family budget. Made from durable, stable resin, the Model 333 Oboe resists cracks and is impervious to humidity and temperature changes. The oboe's bore is hand reamed and finished by craftsmen at Fox. The posts, bands, and bell ring are silver-plated. Arbors and wire springs are stainless steel for minimal maintenance. Keys are nickel-silver with heavy silver-plating for great feel. The Model 333 Oboe has a handmade modified conservatory mechanism that includes a left-hand F key, F key tab, and a non-articulated solid C key, A -B adjustment mechanism, third octave key, low Blvent, and a split-ring E -E trill. 

Renard Model 330 Artist Oboe

The Renard Model 330 Artist Oboe upgrades the student instrument while keeping it affordable for performers and institutions. The 330 Artist Oboe is tuned for maximum resonance and projection

The Fox Model 330 Oboe is a great combination of value and price. With a body made from high-quality plastic resin, the oboe's bore is hand reamed and finished by craftsmen at Fox, Posts, rings, and bell are silver-plated. The oboe's nickel-silver keys have nickel-silver hinge tubing and heavy silver-plating for excellent feel and action. The oboe's handmade full conservatory mechanism include a splitring E' -E trill key, P key tab, third octave key, low B vent key, left-hand F, alternate C, and articulated C. The keys from low Cand above have cork pads, and all adjusting screws are tipped with Teflon for smooth action and durability.


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