An Affordable Flute That Puts Professional Quality Within Reach

The Gemeinhardt 2SP Student Flute and the Gemeinhardt 2SH Greg Pattillo Signature Headjoint flute demonstrate the responsiveness and beautiful tone that company founder Kurt Gemeinhardt hoped would distinguish his instruments from all others. Thanks to Gemeinhardt's dedication to stringent quality control enforced by thorough inspection of every instrument, the name Gemeinhardt has come to mean a flute or piccolo that attains a delicate balance between sophisticated technology and superb artistry.

Beginning flutists know they can grow their talent with a Gemeinhardt 2SP—a standard and reliable flute choice for decades and one of the most popular recommendations by music educators for aspiring flutists. Gemeinhardt attention to detail has resulted in instruments that are robust enough to withstand years of use at the hands of beginners, providing them with a solid foundation on which they can build their skills.

Perhaps the Gemeinhardt 2SP flute's success is a result of its triple-coated silver-plated finish, professional-quality padding, or its stainless steel springs. The combination of these and other quality features could be partially responsible for the reputation for playability and reliability that the 2SP flute has gained over years of use.

The Gemeinhardt 2SP flute has Plateau-style closed holes, Y arms, a C foot and an offset G mechanism. But everyone really wants to know what it sounds like. Rest assured that the Gemeinhardt 2SP has excellent tonal quality with undistorted clarity. Beginners will also appreciate that the 2SP series flute is a smooth performer with both high and low-octave notes equally easy to play.

The Gemeinhardt 2SH Conservatory Flute features a sterling silver head and a silver-plated body with a C foot, silver-plated Plateau-style keys with offset G. In creating a flute that fits modern playing styles Gemeinhardt approached YouTube beatbox sensation and jazz flutist Greg Pattillo to help design a special headjoint for the 2SH flute that suits his style of play. The result is the Gemeinhardt 2SH Greg Pattillo Signature Headjoint Flute - built to the same strict standards as all Gemeinhardt flutes, and capable of keeping up with the man who has redefined the sounds that flutes are capable of producing.

With its beautiful singing sound, solid silver head, and sterling silver body, the 2SH Greg Pattillo flute delivers exceptionally reliable intonation with a minimum of playing effort and minimal maintenance.

Gemeinhardt's reputation for quality instruments is well earned. Company founder Kurt Gemeinhardt was a master craftsman who took great pride in seeing his name stamped on every flute and piccolo that managed to meet his exacting standards. It was he who introduced the unprecedented level of quality control for which Gemeinhardt instruments are now known. This level of scrutiny results in instruments that are mechanically impeccable and able to produce beautiful, accurate sound.

Aspiring flutists are also sure to be pleased with the Gemeinhardt 2SP or the 2SH Greg Pattillo Signature Headjoint flutes' modest prices, which make them excellent values as well as outstanding performers.