Music plays a central role in many worship and religious services. But sometimes the cost of purchasing music, instruments, equipment like music stands and risers and accessories like microphones can push a house of worship budget to the limit. Leveraging discounts from retailers and shopping for used instruments can help, but even then, there is a significant expense up front.

For organizations looking to spread the cost of musical instruments and equipment out over time, you could consider a layaway program, which allows you to pay in installments. However, layawy means you don’t receive your products until your account is paid in full. If you’re looking for immediate use, a lease / purchase program for houses of worship is a perfect solution. With the lease program from Woodwind & Brasswind, you can get any brand of instrument plus equipment such as risers, cases, microphones, accessories and anything else you need so your congregation can start making beautiful music right away. You’ll also find that purchasing musical instruments and equipment through this type of program helps protect you against price increases, including freight.

Not only will your budget absorb these costs over time, you’ll get brand-new, top quality instruments that are fully warrantied. This means your congregation won’t be playing on banged up second hand equipment and your house of worship will save money in the long run since you won’t have extensive repair costs for maintaining old instruments.

Now we know you’re wondering, how exactly does all this work? It’s really very easy!

1. Decide which items you're interested in.
2. Contact our music experts at 800.346.4448 and we’ll provide competitive bid pricing to maximize your budget dollars.
3. Upon your approval of the bid, we will submit preliminary info to our leasing agency.
4. The agency will provide you with options for your purchasing department. They offer flexible two- to five-year leasing periods with annual payments.
5. The agency will notify us when an agreement is approved.
6. We ship your musical merchandise to you.

The best part about this lease / purchase program is that your congregation fully owns the instruments and equipment at the end of the leasing period! You don’t have to return the equipment and there will be no hidden fees or charges at the end of the lease.

This house of worship lease / purchase program is an incredible opportunity to provide your church, synagogue, temple, mosque or any other house of worship with high quality musical instruments, equipment and accessories for your choir, band and worshipers.