Across the globe, professional musicians and designers are continuously working together to ensure that XO Professional Trumpets are more than worthy to be played by the greatest players in the world. From all kinds of genres, working musicians are playing, testing, listening, and concluding that XO Trumpets are presently the best option for today’s most skilled performers.

XL Professional Trumpets are crafted very specifically to thrill and impress anyone lucky enough to play them. Through intense concentration and attention to detail, the sound, precision and fullness of these instruments are of the highest quality, and will surely meet the demands of performers in any kind of concert setting or venue type.

Offering a unique line of first-rate trumpets and flugelhorns in all kinds of bore sizes and materials, XO Instruments are constructed very carefully for both individual performers and ensembles. Ensuring a performance of the highest level possible, each instrument is crafted with meticulous consideration, so teachers can be confident that any XO recommendation made to their students is factual, and the possibility of an incredible performance is more than achievable with every XO instrument created.

Some features included with XO Professional Trumpets include a classic yellow brass body, with choices inboth silver-plated finishes and clear lacquer. Those who like darker timbres have the option of rose brass bells, and hand crafted yellow bellsare also available for clearer tones.

Thanks to the traditional standard leadpipe, players can expect a serene and satisfying airflow with a nicely centered pitch in all registers. The reverse leadpipe is also an option, and offers a constant flow of air, complete with a free blowing scale and seemingly effortless playing.

For extra durability and strength, valve design begins with unique two-piece valve casings and integrated silver balusters. Furnishing custom Monel pistons or high-precision stainless steel valves guarantees superb valve performance and easy action. Also included for each trumpet model are regular and light-action spring sets, so you can tailor to your liking. You also have the option of customizing your resonance density thanks to the provided options of standard and weighted bottom valve caps.

To control the amount of preferred air flow, tuning slides are provided in both rounded crook and elliptical designs. For pitch control and precision turning, there’s a first valve slide saddle and third valve throw ring in both horizontal and vertical stop. For a personal tactile choice, there are pearl inlaid and full metallic finger button options as well.

XO Professional Trumpets include both bright silver plate and clear lacquered brass finishes. Another option is the 24K gold trim set, complete with gold-plated top and bottom valve caps, as well as gold plated finger buttons.

The following XO trumpets are available:

XO 1600 Medium Bore B-flat Trumpet

The 1600i contains a yellow brass body, a .453’’ bore, and a 4.8’’ hand crafted bell that sports heavy bead and enhanced bell ferrule. These two features combined helps to create a trumpet with incredible dispersion, stunning clarity and amazing tone. Additionally, this model has a reverse leadpipe and professional two piece valve casing with nickel sliver balusters. A vertical 3rd valve stop and stainless steel valves are also provided. Your choice of finishes include clear lacquer (1600i) and silver-plate (1600iS).

XO 1604 Large Bore B-flat Trumpet

Consisting of the same features offered by the 1602 series trumpet, the 1604 contains a bigger .462’’ bore for added power and projection. An extra-large bore also provides more blow freedom in your performance.

XO 1624 Large Bore C Trumpet

With a .462’’ bore, the 1624 consists of a yellow brass body and the unique addition of a hand crafted, 4.8’’ bell. A player’s performance from any genre will surely be enhanced with this beautiful instrument, as it was designed to do just that. With this trumpet, one can also expect more sonic excellence, superb tonal control, and extra air column stability thanks to the elliptical bell crook design. To guarantee a performer gets their desired response, both standard and reverse leadpipe configurations are available. If you wish to personalize your sound, the options of a yellow brass or rose brass bell have been made available. Exceptional alignment for the precision-lapped Monel pistons is made possible thanks to the quality two piece valve casing with nickel silver balusters. Many options are also attainable to customize your instrument, from pearl inlaid and metal finger buttons, to regular and light action springs, as well as standard and heavy weight bottom valve caps. To round out the full package of this fantastic and versatile trumpet, both elliptical and rounded tuning slides are provided.

XO 1700 B-flat/A Piccolo Trumpet

Consisting of a .450’’ bore, the 1700 piccolo trumpet has a carefully hand crafted 4’’ bell and a yellow brass body, making a superb choice for any player. With this trumpet, you can expect unbelievable range, and an accuracy and strength that’s unmatched. The two-piece valve casing provides improved alignment and a slick performance for the four, precision lapped Monel pistons. For increased versatility, performers will love the interchangeable cornet shank A/B-flat leadpipes.

XO 1646 Special Bore B-flat Flugelhorn

Carefully constructed around a special .413’’ bore, the 1646 flugelhorn consists of an eye catching yellow brass body, and a hand crafted 6’’ bell that’s stunningly tapered and provides a warm timbre that’s both focused and pleasant. Added strength comes courtesy of the tuneable nickel-silver leadpipe, ensuring a tone that’s perfectly centered. French tuning slides offer easy control and exceptional intonation, and smooth fine tuning is provided by a custom fitted wooden 3rd valve trigger with a mini-ball linkage mechanism. Quick and quiet action is confirmed by the addition of a professional two-piece valve casing with nickel-silver balusters, which are filled with precision lapped Monel valves. Both yellow brass and rose brass bell options are available, depending on the tone you most desire.

No matter what the instrument is that you decide upon, one thing is certain. Musicians can always count on XO trumpets and flugelhorns for quality, durability and exceptional performance. Sample one of XO’s professional instruments today, and see for yourself why professional design is the first step towards a stunning and unforgettable performance.