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Shining the Spotlight on the King 2B Legend Series Trombone

The legendary King 2B has probably been used in more jazz and swing gigs, as well as recordings, than any other straight tenor trombone in history. With a tradition of pleasing even the most discriminating players, and manufacturing trombones that suit a large variety of tastes, King certainly hasevery right to claim that no other trombone line has done as much for jazz, pop and commercial trombone artists. If you're a jazz trombone player, you need to try a King 2B at least once in your career. And if you're a performer who doubles up between trumpet and trombone, then you should really consider investing in this superior instrument.

How does one musical piece get such a spectacular reputation? The answer is simple: years and years of elite craftsmanship. Older King trombones enjoy a legendary status among players from every era. But if you ask one of the guys who has been making them for decades, he'll say that today's King trombones are better made and more consistent than those of the past, thanks to technical advances and improved manufacturing procedures.

A dual-bore slide section and a modest size that makes it lightweight and agile has helped the King 2B become an easy-blowing horn that professionals on every level want to own and play. Featuring slides drawn and polished to a level of precision previously unheard of, this trombone delivers ultra-smooth action and its sound reproduces with beautiful clarity when it's placed in front of microphone. This trombone projects when you want it to and also blends well with other brass and reed voices, making it a natural choice for lead and solo work, and well-suited for section work too.

Great instrumentalists like J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding are just some of the many musicians known to have played a King trombone. Today's top players are equally smitten. Jazz artist John Fedchock says, "King trombones have always responded so easily, consistently, and evenly. The sound is one-of-a-kind. I wouldn't play anything else." International band leader JiggsWhigham says, "My King allows me to produce the sound and music I hear in my soul." Trombone giant Michael Davis also praises King, "Whether I'm playing with the Rolling Stones or recording a motion picture soundtrack, my King trombones give me the versatility and depth of sound I need to be successful. For me, they're simply the finest trombones made."

The only thing left to say is that the King 2B trombone is a horn that is a dream to play, projects like a gramophone, and offers distinct highs and smooth lows with a tone similar to the classic trombones from the '40s. When you choose a King 2B trombone as your instrument, you'll instantly begin your journey towards expressing your musical soul.