Designed for School Music Programs & Beginner Musicians

Antigua Winds musical instruments are not only of the highest quality, but they’re also easily affordable. For these reasons, the Libretto by Antigua series of wind instruments for beginners are a number 1 choice for school music programs and growing musicians.

Typical of Antigua Winds, Libretto by Antigua instruments provide fast response, precise intonation, beautiful tone, first-rate design, and strong construction. Novice musicians will especially be proud of their Libretto by Antigua instruments, while schools will certainly appreciate the fair and reasonable prices.

Antigua Winds established in 1991 by Fred Hoey. A known performer, author, educator and product designer, Fred Hoey also composed over 100 musicals and method books before setting out to provide affordable, high quality wind instruments that were accessible to anyone. To ensure this happened, Antigua Winds invested in modern facilities consisting of advanced machinery and top of the line materials designedto the liking of instrument engineering pros. The production line is always moving at Antigua Winds, which is how the Libretto by Antigua series came to light.

Specifically made for beginners, the goal of Libretto By Antigua instruments was to be the finest musical instruments in their class, and include a C flute, B-flat clarinet, E-flat alto saxophone, B-flat trumpet and a B-flat trombone.

With its silver-plated nickel-silver headjoint, body, and foot joint, the Libretto by Antigua C Flute includes nickel-silver keys that are covered with a silver-plate to ensure they are built to last and function smoothly. Other notable features of this flute include an offset G key, a C footjoint, and plateau keys. Additionally, all Libretto by Antigua flutes come in a protective Cordura-covered case.

For beginners, the Libretto B-flat clarinet contains a sturdy ABS body, making it unaffected by moisture and temperature change, as well as being crack resistant. Includes a charming nickel-silver ring on the bell, and forged nickel-silver keys with an electroplated finish to endure any classroom settings. As a protection bonus, all Libretto By Antigua clarinet come with a tough, Cordura-covered case.

For an added charm, the yellow brass body of the E-Flat Alto Saxophone by Libretto has been given a classic gold-toned lacquer finish. With a high F# key and a pronounced low C# key, this saxophone’s tilted low B-flat spatula and metal thumb hook makes it easily playable for novice musicians. The premium leather pads provide this sax with extra strength, and the additional Cordura-covered case will keep it safe from damage while not being played.

The B-flat Libretto by Antigua trumpet is protected with a clear lacquer finish on its yellow brass body. It contains a red brass mouthpiece to boost sound protection, and its pistons are fashioned from strong and stable stainless steel. With a slide thumb hook on the first valve and a slide ring on the adjustable third valve, this beautiful trumpet also comes with a protective Cordura case to keep it safe while not in use.

Last but not least, any promising musician would be proud to own the Libretto by Antigua B-flat Trombone. With its stunning looks and sturdy design, this incredible instrument has a nickel-silver trimmed yellow brass bell, and hand-slide tubing that’s nickel-silver with a clear lacquer finish. While not in use, the Cordura-covered case will provide your B-flat trombone with all the protection it needs.

With a reputation for being reliable and high in quality, Antigua Winds is now an international brand. Antigua Winds can be found all around the world, with distributors in the U.S, Germany, Latin America, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, the U.K., Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and South Africa. Whether you go, musicians know that instruments from Antigua Winds are the perfect choice for today’s up and coming performers.

Libretto by Antigua E-flat Alto Saxophone: A Students Sax with superb tone and style

Combining a fast response with amazing tone makes the Libretto by Antigua LSA-2500 Student Saxophone a highly recommended choice for up and coming musicians. What sets this student saxophone apart from others is the wide range of features it has while still being readily affordable. Features include blue steel needle springs for quick action, and premium leather pads for a closed seal and a vigorous tone.

The LSA-2500 Alto Saxophone has immaculate range, with a high F# key, an expressive low C# key, and a low B-flat spatula that’s titled. With amazing playability and sound, this saxophone is also very pleasing to the eye, with a dashing yellow brass body and neck, and a hand-engraved bell in a classic gold-toned lacquer finish. For protection when not in use, all Libretto by Antigua E-flat Alto Saxophone’s come with a Cordura-covered case.

Antigua’s goal from the very beginning was to provide instruments for anyone with a passion and drive to play music. Combing quality with affordability, the Libretto E-flat Alto Saxophone is a perfect example of Antigua fulfilling its dream. Libretto has strict quality and production standards, so you can have peace of mind knowing that every LSA-2500 Sax is built to last, and will provide years of musical enjoyment.

Libretto by Antigua B-flat Trumpet: Extraordinary Features, Affordable Price

The LTR-2500 Student B-flat Trumpet is loaded with a wide range of incredible features at a stunningly affordable price. Complete with a red brass mouthpipe, a first valve slide thumb hook, and an adjustable third valve slide ring with slide stop, these added features truly enhance this trumpets playing ability, and will surely increase any novice musician’s confidence, as well as speed up their progress in the early learning stages.

With its yellow brass body and clear lacquer finish, the Antigua LTR-2500 Trumpet will continue to look great even under the harshest marching band conditions and practices. This instrument is perfect for younger musicians, thanks to the non-corrosive nickel-plated valves, making it a very low-maintenance trumpet. Delivered with a 7C mouthpiece in a Cordura-covered case for added protection, the Libretto LTR-2500 B-flat Student Trumpet is an ideal choice for novice players.

Antigua believes that everyone who has a passion and desire to make music should be given the opportunity to do so. The Libretto line LTR-2500 Trumpet is a perfect example of Antigua achieving this goal. Libretto has strict quality and production standards, so you can have peace of mind knowing that every LTR-2500 trumpet is built to last, and will provide years of musical enjoyment.