All-Around Performance With A "Hammer" Sound

The Meinl Weston Thor Tuba is an excellent choice, if you're an advanced college player or an aspiring professional for whom a CC tuba is the preferred choice. If you're getting ready to go to music school, as a performance major, the CC tuba is a prerequisite these days, and it is best to get the right tuba for the music you will be called upon to play.

Meinl Weston instruments have earned a reputation for a thick, rich sound. The Meinl Weston 5450 Thor CC-Tuba is no exception. Its ability to maintain a robust presence even in a large orchestra—its "hammer" sound—prompted professor Jens Björn-Larsen to nickname the Meinl Weston 5450 tuba "Thor." The Danish tuba virtuoso said he thought of the Norse god of thunder's power when playing the 5450 tuba, and the name stuck.

Crafted from yellow brass for warmth and available in clear-lacquered or silver-plated finish, the Meinl Weston Thor Tuba was designed in close cooperation with numerous professional musicians. The 5/4-size Meinl Weston CC tuba offers performers great resonance, a solid low register, and a thunderous full sound.

Thor tuba features include 4 big-piston stainless steel valves and a thumb-operated fifth rotary valve. The fourth valve is .787"(20mm), and the fifth valve is .807"(20.5mm). The 5450 tuba is 38.8" (98.5cm) tall with a 19"(48.25cm) diameter bell.

Meinl Weston designers worked to include ergonomic design features whenever possible, making the 5450 Thor tuba particularly comfortable and easy to play. Main tuning slides pull vertically and the valve slides are arranged for easy access. The first piston is vented to allow for smooth tuning on the usual fingerings that require it.

The Meinl-Langhammer family has been creating musical instruments for 7 generations. Throughout that time their work has been characterized by the best manufacturing processes, meticulous workmanship, continuous research, and dedication to quality. The result has been an identifiable rich and projecting sound with a pleasing balance of openness and resistance. Today's Meinl Weston brass instruments, like the Meinl Weston 5450 Thor tuba, combine ease of performance with efficient control of sound and intonation.

Musicians tell us that their Meinl Weston 5450 Thor tubas offer immaculate intonation in all registers with a resonant low-range with great presence, smooth and silky mid-range, and singing upper-range brilliance. They remark on the tubas' free-blowing playability and extraordinary projection. The sound is described as huge and dark with abundant power when needed and a beautiful dolce as well.