Miraphone Brass Instruments

A combination of technology and tradition gives Miraphone its reputation as a first class brass instrument manufacturer. Miraphone brass instruments fuse old world tradition, and craftsmanship with modern technology, while adhering to the highest standards. The craftsmen at Miraphone are also musicians who can play the instruments they build. Finished Miraphone instruments are tested using computer-aided analysis to insure that intonation, sound, and tone character are up to Miraphone standards before they leave the factory.

Miraphone was built on a tradition of European craftsmanship following the second World War. A small group of expert artisans from Czechoslovakia had emigrated to Waldkraiburg, Germany, without much more than their skills and a few instrument repair tools. In 1947, with a dream of doing more than just repairing and restoring instruments and actually building their own, they created the Miraphone company with the name constructed from "Mira," meaning to reflect, and "phone," meaning a "sound-transmitting device."

With a demand for high-quality brass musical instruments increasing at the time, Miraphone expanded sales to the United States and gained worldwide recognition. Tuba legends like Roger Bobo and R. Winston Morris helped spread the Miraphone name with musicians.

Miraphone 186 Tubas

For schools and musicians on a budget, Miraphone's 186 series of tubas is a wonderful choice. The 4-Valve Miraphone 186-4U, for example, is the BB tuba other designs are compared to. A powerhouse in the tuba world, the Miraphone 186 has a beautiful, rich sound that really carries with centered tone in both the high and low ranges. In fact, this Miraphone tuba has one of the broadest note ranges that you can find on a value-priced professional tuba.

From the musician's perspective, the Miraphone 186 Tuba is comfortable to hold and reliable to play. Quality construction means the keys are silent and easy to move - they're fully depressed with very little movement. The Miraphone 186 Tuba feels solid, reflecting its German craftsmanship and heavy, quality-metal construction

The size of the Miraphone 186 Tuba makes it easy for even smaller tubists to handle. Its .772' bore and 17.7" bell give the 186 tuba excellent projection and help to center its intonation. The Miraphone 186 4/4 Pro Series Tuba is available in a professional version with nickel-silver slides and trim in lacquer with 4 valves (186 4U) or 5 valves (186-5U).

Brass rotary valves, nickel-silver leadpipe and wreath, and a Miraphone TU29 mouthpiece - all made in Germany by the skilled hands of Miraphone's craftsmen - add to the 186 tuba's value.

Even after you've gotten over how impressed you are with the construction of the Miraphone 186 and its beautiful lacquer finish, you'll remain appreciative of how it's priced to remain within the reach of both serious amateurs and working horn performers. For the money invested, you can't do better than a Miraphone 186 Tuba.

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