While many professional associations exist to serve educators, and a great many resources for music students, one key segment often left out is the parents of those students involved in their school music programs. Enter L. Scott McCormick, former president and CEO of Bands of America and Music for All, with his new venture, AMP – The Association of Music Parents. AMP was formed in response to the increasing need for a national parental voice in support of music and the arts as an integral discipline within the education system in America.

AMP is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to build a grassroots national movement that will engage and empower parents to take ownership of their child’s complete education, including music and the arts. AMP will give parents tools, resources and share best practices to help champion these curriculums in their local communities, along with proven advocacy strategies to help ensure that all children can access quality music education programs.

What does it mean when it comes time for your daughter and/or son to join the band, the choir, or the orchestra?

  • A financial investment in an instrument?
  • An extended school time devoted to rehearsals?
  • A future of fundraising as a music parent/booster?
  • The possibility of private lessons?

These are ALL important questions. However they pale in comparison to the compelling facts about music education:

  • Every child has the propensity to be a music-maker. Modern day technology has allowed brain researchers to determine music/art is part of our neurobiological system.
  • All learning is enhanced via the development of musical mind-maps. Ongoing studies demonstrate the transfer of intellect from music to other areas of academic achievement.
  • Music learning continues to be the most efficient and effective pathway to the development of important life skills including; problem solving, creativity, decision making, and reasoning.
  • The development of emotional intelligence is one of the strongest outcomes of music study. It prepares the student in the areas of social skills, self-discipline, time management, and aesthetic appreciation — simply put, how to be a sensitive and cooperative individual.
  • Studying music develops thinking that encourages the exploration of the unknown, develops social harmony, requires alternative thinking habits, encourages multiple perspectives, and helps diminish survival prejudices. Successful music making requires an emphasis on cooperation rather than competition.

We know music is central to all learning. And we all agree: we should make music for the sake of music. Perhaps we can expand the mantra to: make music for the sake of the positive growth and development of every child.

We know your students are very important to you. Let AMP help you to become more engaged with your students parents and support you in keeping music at the forefront of the education discussion.

AMP provides a website portal for parents that is a repository of information for them (and you the teacher) to immerse themselves in and share with others the valuable impact music is making in your students life. You will all be able to:

  • View impactful videos
  • Learn useful advocacy techniques
  • View and download all documents in the resource section, including great fundraising opportunities
  • Read thought-provoking, poignant and hilarious blogs
  • Pore over critical music facts
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Participate in webinars and conferences
  • Receive discounts in AMP’s online store
  • Network with like-minded parents from booster organizations across the country and share your stories and successes with these other groups

Become a member today and receive the latest news and updates from the National Association of Music Parents. For $12 per year, just $1 a month, you will join a social network of other parents around the country to learn and share ideas. Not only are you supporting the advocacy efforts of the organization, but also your nominal fee allows us to provide full access to a knowledge center of resources ‘for members only’ to download and utilize. Join as a group (organized parent booster organizations) and receive substantial savings! As much as 70%!

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