Sonaré Series Flute Spotlight

An Affordable Flute That Puts Professional Quality Within Reach

Powell Sonaré 601 flutes offer excellent value in an instrument made for flutists who want to play at a professional level. Their hand-cut Powell Signature headjoints and bodies are made in Maynard, Massachusetts by Powell.

Knowing that the headjoint is very important in the production of sound on a flute, the folks at Sonaré realized that they could preserve exceptional sound while lowering price by matching a great headjoint with a very good flute body.

Powell 601 Sonaré Series Flutes are equipped with silver-plated French-style nickel silver keys on Y-arms, and 10k white gold springs. Powell accompanies each 601 Sonaré Series Flute with its own case, cleaning rod, care products, and a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. And every Sonaré instrument goes through a strict quality inspection and adjustment process by world-class Sonaré technicians.

In addition to their beautiful appearance, the flutes' sterling silver tubing offers rich warm tone, and the Powell Signature headjoints are easy to play, generating colorful, focused sound. Moscow Chamber Orchestra flutist Raffaele Trevisani says of her 601 Series Flute that it has "a rich and projecting sound with all the possibilities of changing colors. It is a perfect instrument to start with and to become a professional flutist."

Powell has more than 80 years of experience in making their world-famous flutes. Your Powell flute is built to give you many years of satisfaction and confidence in playing it, as well as delivering unsurpassed value.