An interview with Beth A. Fabrizio, Instrumental music teacher in The Hilton Central School District in Hilton, New York. Beth A. Fabrizio holds a Bachelor of Music from the Eastman School of Music in Clarinet Performance and a Masters of Music in Conducting, Education and Performance from Ithaca College.


Rico: Before you switched to Reserve Classic, what was your impression of Rico?

Beth Fabrizio: "Not having used Rico reeds since the late 80's with my students, I equated the product with the old orange box line, the reeds you give to a beginner because they are easy to play on and they'll get a sound for sure."


Rico: What changed your perception?

Beth: "After visiting Rico's factory, it was clear the quality, consistency, and overall technological updates are second to none. Rico has placed an impressive emphasis on quality control."


Rico: What do you prefer about the Reserve Classic reeds?

Beth: "I played on the product first, blending the Rico Reserve in with my old reeds The reeds were wonderful, consistent, didn't need much adjustment, and they lasted much longer.”


Rico: And what did your students notice?

Beth: "Once I felt comfortable with the product, I started to hand out the reeds to school and studio students. They were amazed at the consistency, the wonderful sound they were able to produce, the even quality throughout the registers, range, pitch, etc. ... no compromises. They were seeing the same characteristics as I saw! My students love the product in both school and studio playing. We are using the Reserve Classic and are thrilled with the results.


Rico: What else should people know about Reserve Classic?

Beth: "The tip thickness is just enough for clear and quick articulation. Also, it's great to be able to use the Reserve Classic for all activities, not just concert and jazz playing, but for marching band as well. The students and professionals who I have spoken with nationwide and who have made the switch couldn't be happier with the results. Everyone notices a depth of tone quality and intonation, as well as the overall consistency in the way the reeds perform. People are finding that after the reeds are broken in, they require very little adjustment.”


"Simply put … I believe they are state of the art and will revolutionize the reed industry!"


The Reserve Classic line of clarinet and saxophone reeds are quickly becoming the reed of choice for music educators. Designed with the collaboration of clarinetists like Mark Nuccio and saxophonist Tim McAllister, the Reserve Classic reeds are the most consistent reeds available.


Reserve Classic reeds feature:

- Gradual tip shape adding more tonal warmth

- Traditional tip thickness for a quick articulation

- For B Clarinet, reeds are offered in 2.0 to 4.5 including a 3.5+ and 4.0+ strength

- For Alto Saxophone, reeds are offered in 2.0 to 4.5 including a 3.0+ strength


Reserve Classic reeds use only the densest, lower internode cane for longer durability and consistency.


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