Rico has been making top quality reeds for 75 years. To this day, they consider Rico Reserve Classic Alto Saxophone Reeds to be their cream of the crop. By offering strengths ranging from 2.0 to 4.5, they are the first line of reeds available in strengths over 3.0.

By crafting their reeds with only consistently high-density lower-internode cane, Rico ensures this line is simply the best on the market. As well the process for making the reeds is highly advanced; precision natural diamond cutters, optical laser measurements, color video inspection, and state-of-the-art polishing are all used.

This superior technology results in reeds with improved sturdiness, dependable quality, accurate dimensions, and ultra-smooth surfaces. On top of this, Rico packs each reed in Reed Vitalizer™ 2-way humidity controlled packs ensuring they arrive intact and unscathed.

By using a thicker blank, Rico Reserve reeds resonate better and are more flexible than traditional alto reeds. Rico Product Manager, Robert Polan confidently states, "The new reeds are extremely durable, produce a fantastic tone, and have been receiving an exceptional amount of acclaim from many established saxophone players."

Saxophone players themselves are also expressing satisfaction with these reeds. Jeffrey J. Loeffert of the h2 Quartet says the alto saxophone reeds "allow us to perform broad dynamic ranges, project in expressive passages, and facilitate our ability to blend." He adds, "Whether performing traditional saxophone quartet music or cutting-edge contemporary repertoire, Rico Reserve reeds provide us with exceptional reliability, response, and resonance."

Dave Camwell, Assistant Professor of Saxophone and Jazz Studies at Simpson College exclaims, "Rico's new line of classical reeds gives the performer total confidence on stage. The response, warmth of sound, or clarity of tone is simply sensational. I find the new Reserve Classic reeds to be in a league of their own."

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