What is an electronic wind instrument?

An electronic wind instrument (you’ll often see it written as EWI, pronounced EE-wee) is a digital instrument that offers the sounds of many different wind instruments in one dynamic controller.

You’ll find models that have traditional orchestral sounds like brass, woodwind and strings as well as non-traditional sounds such as progressive synths, basses and leads. Many people associate electronic wind instruments with genres like jazz or rock fusion because of the analog synthesizers from the early models. However, EWIs are incredibly versatile and have considerable dynamic ranges (up to 8 octaves!), making them suitable for all styles and genres of music.

The new Roland Aerophone GO

Roland, a well-known Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, has been in the EWI market for some time. Their newest model is the Roland AE-05 Aerophone GO. This next-generation electronic wind instrument has 11 onboard tones including four sax variations (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), flute, clarinet and violin, plus 50 sounds available through the Aerophone GO Plus app. The instrument is compatible with traditional sax fingering and is instantly transposable to any key with no fingering stress. 

Who can play the Aerophone GO?

Truly anyone can play the Aerophone GO. It’s a great instrument for anyone learning a wind instrument, but it’s also compatible with traditional sax and recorder fingering, so experienced players can use familiar playing techniques. Beginners will be able to play the onboard sounds right away. More experienced musicians will like that they can play Aerophone GO without having to learn a new fingering system or adapt their existing technique. 

Where can I play the Aerophone GO?

You can play the Aerophone GO anywhere because it’s battery-operated, has a headphone jack and weighs just 1.5 pounds. The built-in speaker delivers high-quality sound wherever you want to play, and you don’t need external speakers or connections.

Play along solo with your favorite songs on your smart phone using Bluetooth® audio or play with up to six friends using the Aerophone GO Ensemble app. Each person can access 19 sounds through the app, and each musician can choose a different sound. The sound is mixed in your device, and by connecting a small monitor speaker, everyone can hear and react to the resulting ensemble. 

What does the Aerophone GO sound like?

Want to hear what this amazing digital instrument sounds like? Check out this brief demonstration of the Roland AE-05 Aerophone GO.

If you have more questions about the Aerophone GO or EWIs in general, contact our specialists at 800.348.5003 - they can help you pick the best model for you. Or learn more by reading what are EWIs or electronic options for woodwind players.