Steeped in tradition, Schilke trumpets have been a favorite choice of professional musicians for years, due to the company's high level of quality control. In 2002, Schilke also became an innovator by branching out to design and build the new and original ST20 trombone completely in-house, thanks to the vision or owner Andrew Nauman.

The newly designed Schilke ST20 trombone is innovative because it has a stainless steel axial valve rotor, which eliminates the problems that can arise from brass or nickel-plated valves. This is impressive not only because it cuts down on maintenance and improves the performance of a standard rotor valve, but it also creates tonal warmth and superb projection.

Ideal for symphonies, the large-bore Schilke ST20 trombone features .547" hand slides with chrome-plated inner tubes, yellow brass outer tubes and nickel over-sleeves. You can choose between yellow brass or nickel end-bows: brass for a warm, centered sound; nickel for a heavier feel and sound. The two bore styles available are the more focused sounding tenor and the heavier sounding bass crook.

As well, the 8.50" hand-hammered trombone bell is available in yellow or rose brass. Yellow produces clear and consistent overtones perfect for all types of playing. Preferred for orchestras or soloists, the rose brass copper content produces darker tone and playing freedom.

Choose from round or square tuning slides in rose brass or yellow brass. Square slides create a more focused sound and the round slide creates a wider sound. In addition, each ST20 trombone comes with three interchangeable leadpipes to give you varied levels of articulation and resistance.

Schilke Music Products is recognized for painstaking attention to detail. Thirty-five highly skilled technicians handcraft the horns one at a time and then the instruments undergo the scrutiny of the inspectors. Only after it passes stringent inspection can the ST20 trombone be lovingly packed in an embroidered case and shipped from the 16,000 sq.ft. facility in Melrose Park, Illinois to an awaiting musician.