Students always grumble about how fast the summer flies by. But it’s the same for music teachers, band teachers and marching band directors and before you know it, it’s time to get ready for a new school year! There are many ways to make the transition from summer to fall less stressful and more productive, no matter what level you teach.

Get Organized

Visit your classroom or band room and do some cleaning. Get rid of any garbage that has accumulated over the summer like old paperwork, damaged posters or decorations, or any other random items. Donate any resources you no longer need. Make a note of damaged items like chairs, music stands, podiums, displays or storage shelves. Clean out your digital classroom, too! Go through your computer and organize, archive and delete your files so you’re ready to start fresh.

Get Started on Your Lesson Planning

If you’ve been putting off lesson planning, now is the time to get moving. Think about what classic compositions you’ll focus on this year. But you should also get creative and do some brainstorming to complete a list of fresh ideas and new genres to add to your curriculum. You and your students will find renewed enthusiasm when learning a fun mix.  

Make a List of All the School Supplies You Need

After you’ve done some lesson planning, you can start to make a list of what you need. Of course, you always want to be sure you’re stocked with the basics like reeds, rosin, music stands, valve oil, cleaning supplies, extra strings and repair supplies. You also want to order any sheet music based on your lesson plans. What else you may need will depend on your budget and what your district provides to you. You can also take this time to make lists for your band parents and students about what they’ll need to bring for the new school year.

Take Advantage of Tax-Free Periods, Sales, Special School Pricing

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to save money on your music and school supplies. Some states host tax-free weeks before the school year starts and there are often Back to School or Labor Day sales to take advantage of. You should also be sure to explore savings and special pricing offered by music stores and vendors.

Reach Out to Parents and Students to Say Hello and Welcome

Write a quick note to your incoming parents and teachers. Say hello to your returning pupils and, for your new students, do a brief introduction of yourself and let them know what to expect. This can go a long way in easing back to school nerves when it comes to your music program.

Plan an Exciting First Couple of Weeks

While some students and teachers are disappointed that summer is coming to an end, once you’re all back into the swing of things, the excitement and joy of picking up an instrument and learning new music will be rekindled. Prepare a fun first couple of weeks of getting to know your students and their strengths. Introduce them to your lesson plans and expectations. Help them understand the structure of your class or program and you’ll all be off to a successful new school year!

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