As you assess the needs of your music classroom, determine what equipment and accessories you will need for the instruments your students play. Some items, such as music stands, will hold up for a long time while others, such as woodwind reeds and valve oil for brass instruments, will be depleted constantly. Some of your students will have their own instrument accessories, but if possible, you should have an adequate supply on hand for those who need them.

Stocking your music program with high-quality accessories will save money in the long run. Better products will last longer, especially when your students know the proper way to care for and store their accessories when not in use. It’s not worth skimping on quality just to save a small amount of money by buying inferior products—you’ll pay more over time.

General Music Classroom Equipment

There are so many things that you might want to purchase for your music classroom, but initially, stick to the basics. Make sure you have the essentials for your students and the instruments they are learning to play. 

Proline Professional Music Stand - High quality construction featuring no-tool assembly and one hand height adjustment. These stands are available in an economical six pack.

Grover-Trophy Flip Folio Folder - These folios are an essential for marching bands. They come with 5 windows to get you started; you can order additional windows and rings.

Snark Clip-On Tuner - The construction of these tuners enables use on a wide variety of instruments including woodwinds, brass, strings, and guitars.

Reed Essentials

Having a good stock of reeds will benefit both you and your students. Recommend that they try different brands and cuts to see which ones best fit their playing style.

Vandoren Bb Clarinet Reeds - These reeds are among the most popular on the market.  Known for their reliability and consistent performance, the reeds are suitable for all music styles. They are available in convenient quantities and a variety of strengths.

Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds - High quality Rico reeds are favored by many professional musicians and music educators. They perform well for all music and playing styles. 

D’Addario Tenor Saxophone Reeds - The Select Jazz cut reed offers great projection, focus and a vibrant sound. Packed five to the box.

Brass Accessories

Help your students understand how to take care of their instruments. If they are new players, they will need your guidance in choosing the accessories that best suit their instruments and how to use the products.

Al Cass Valve Oil - This versatile lubricant is perfect for brass instruments and works on valves, slides, and keys.

Giardinelli Polishing Cloth  - Specially treated for silver instruments, this is a great choice for keeping instruments sparkling. The cloth is safe for all surfaces.

Products for String Instruments

Extra strings are important to have on hand – you don’t want a student to be unable to complete their practice because of an unexpected broken string.  Keep a basic inventory of extra strings that fit the instruments your students play. Woodwind and Brasswind carries an enormous selection of replacement strings for every string instrument. Shop top brands, available in all materials including solid steel, synthetic, rope core steel, gut and more.

Magic Rosin - This professional grade rosin is known for exceptional grip and delivers clear, complex tone. A little of this rosin goes a long way and is a must for your string players. Available in fun colors and designs.

More Accessory Selections

Woodwind & Brasswind carries a wide array of accessories from the best manufacturers on the market. You can browse the full selection of instrument accessories, by instrument or accessory type, at or reach out to our school music experts, who are standing by at 800.346.4448.