Quality string instruments at affordable prices

When making fine instruments, luthiers look for properly aged wood that produces superior sound. The most expensive instruments are made of heavily figured wood that is rich and deep in color with patterns ("flaming") that become visible when viewed from different angles. But not everyone can afford the most expensive instruments, especially beginner and intermediate violin players.

To make Bellafina instruments affordable, the instrument makers forego the most deeply flamed woods in favor of properly aged wood with outstanding sound. This provides you with an affordable stringed instrument without compromising on sound production quality or sufficient aging. As a result, Bellafina violins, violas, cellos and acoustic basses are built economically without affecting the sound quality or ease of play.

Thanks to Bellafına, more performers now have superior-sounding instruments - individually handcrafted by traditional methods and within reach of their budget.

Bellafina Violins

Featuring aged spruce, maple and other quality tonewoods, Bellafina violins will provide years of playing joy for beginner and intermediate violin players. Each instrument comes complete with a case, bow and high-quality strings to provide an affordable package for student violinists or hobbyists. 

Bellafina Violas

As with the violins, Bellafina violas feature premium spruce and maple woods to provide wonderful sound. Instruments come with a bow, case and superior strings. All Bellfina instruments are set up in the USA to MENC specifications, which means that your instrument will sound great and play well as soon as you take it out of the case and tune it to pitch.

Bellafina Cellos

These complete packages come with a bow, case and premium strings, providing beginner and intermediate students with an affordable way to step up to full-size instruments. Bellafina cellos, like all Bellafina instruments, offer incredible value and wonderful sound.

Bellafina Double Basses

The features of Bellafina double basses produce an instrument with great sound and playability, truly exceeding expectations of a student instrument. As with other Bellafina string instruments, you’ll get a case, bow and superior strings with your purchase.

Bellafina Customer Testimonials

Take it from these happy Bellafina customers! When you purchase a Bellafina stringed instrument, you get high-quality, excellent sound and affordable prices. All of this makes purchasing a Bellafina instrument for a beginner or intermediate student a great idea.

"Outstanding instrument! Superb is the only thing I can say about it! I am thoroughly impressed with the depth of sound, clarity of tone, and resonance and vibrancy of these instruments." Samantha, Chicago, IL

"Kind of shocked...after playing this bass daily for a whole semester (during my student teaching experience) I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the instrument. I am a high school orchestra director and would whole-heartedly endorse the purchase of this instrument (my main instrument is a double bass)."
Sean, Chicago, IL

"Remarkably nice sound for such a small resonating chamber. I believe that I will find this useful on those Christmas Eve Midnight Mass gigs that had no cellos available or those weddings with string trio that have to move around a lot."
Judith, Buffalo, NY

"Well worth the money! In my past cello shopping experiences, I would have expected to pay at least $2,000 for an instrument like this with such an attractive appearance and powerful-yet-refined tone..."
Marian, Sioux Falls, MN

"Surprising quality for the price. I purchased this instrument for convenience purposes in my teaching and was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of both instrument and case. It took no time at all to develop the feel for arm position for 5 strings."
Orchestral Teacher, VT

"Very good tone and affordable. I really like this viola, it has a really warm tone... it still sounds good in higher positions, even on the A-string in 7th / 8th position."
Sophie, Honolulu, HI

"It's my buddy! I have been playing both jazz and classical for about 30 years. This is a great bass for the money. I fell in love with the look and the details. But more importantly, I fell in love with the way it felt, the way it responded, and the sound it projected. For me, it's an "easy" bass to play. I'm not a big person with big hands, so the feel is important. The size of the neck is comfortable, and I'm very happy with how responsive it is. I've had this bass for three years now, and it's my new buddy. The sound is getting richer."
Mary, South Bend IN

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