The Benefits of Owning your Beginning Instrument

Congratulations on making the first step to what could be a lifetime of music making. Many adults regardless of what musical instrument they currently play started in a school music program playing a band or orchestra instrument. The facts speak for themselves about how music makes you smarter, so you're on the right track so far. Now…what to do about getting that first instrument.

Commitment to Music Participation

School music programs can be very beneficial to the development of your student. Since music is one of the few areas that can apply to nearly every subject in school you want your student to have every possible opportunity to succeed. Just trying out band for three months to see how you'll do is like going to the pet store and asking to rent a puppy for a couple of months to see if the kids will like having a pet. Owning your own instrument makes for a solid commitment to participation in music.

Quality Improvements

Ten years ago, it would have been unheard of to purchase a quality student alto saxophone for under $400! But today, more and more choices are available at entry level prices. And the instruments available today are made in similar production facilities and locations as many of the more expensive instruments. Gone are the days where a top quality beginning instrument had to cost upwards of $700+. Just take a look at a couple of expert product reviews on the The Benefits of Owning your Beginning Instrument Etude Student Alto Saxophone, Etude Student Trumpet and the Allora Student Trumpet to see what sort of quality is available at amazingly low prices.

But don't just take the advice of product reviews; the senior repair technician at the Woodwind & Brasswind shared her expert recommendations. Watch these short videos on each of the Etude student instruments and the Allora student instruments to learn more about the quality features built into each of these entry level wind instruments.

Economic Factors

In addition to the high level of quality currently offered at very low prices, there is financing available to make owning an entry level instrument even more affordable. Woodwind & Brasswind offers up to 36 month no-interest financing. Financing payments on many student-level instruments will be very comparable (or less expensive!) to the cost of renting, with an important exception. At the end of the finance period you will own the instrument. Between available financing and the excellent quality at amazing prices, owning that beginning instrument is even more affordable than ever!

Multiple Uses

Owning your own beginning instrument can have a great impact down the road as your student continues along their path of music participation. Someday they might be ready for a higher quality instrument as their playing improves, but holding on to that student instrument for marching band use can be very handy. Nobody wants to take their $2,000 professional trumpet onto the field for a halftime show in the rain – and having that 'backup' horn can work well for these types of situations.

Maybe your student will want to branch out into other instruments. For example, starting on flute could lead to playing saxophone or clarinet. But having that original instrument can expand the versatility of the player as they progress to other instruments. In fact, proficiency on multiple instruments within a family (called 'doubling') can be a very beneficial for increased performance opportunities. So even if your beginning flutist ultimately ends up playing saxophone, they'll want to hang on to that flute.

Once one sibling is involved in music, the activity becomes infectious to the rest of the family. Pretty soon, younger brother or sister will want to join the band too when it's their turn. Although playing on a 'hand-me-down' instrument can be initially disappointing, let's face it, we do this with clothes, toys and other equipment.

Using your beginning instrument for a trade-in or outright sale is another possibility. Plenty of channels abound for the sale of used instruments, and while those online auction sites and local lists can take some time to sell your instrument, its sill and every-day occurrence where people are looking for used band instruments. Making a donation to your local school program so that other beginners can enjoy music participation is a possible use of your beginning instrument, but only if you own it outright.


Congratulations again on making the first step toward a lifetime of music making for your student. The advantages of owning your own student level instrument are easy to identify, and when combined with the exceptional benefits of participation in music you have the best possible situation for success.