Traveling With a Purpose

Internal Motivation (education and growth)

Cultural experience outside of the home community

  • General exposure to new places and experiences.
  • Specific exposure to musical, cultural, and/or educational experiences.

Musical development

  • Students have the opportunity to learn new techniques and approaches to musicianship (and/or reinforce your teaching principles) from working with a Music Educator or Clinician.
  • Students are able to hear groups from other states/regions—both student groups and professional performances.
  • Students are able to perform for an audience other than parents and friends.
  • Students are able to develop confidence and pride in their performance.
  • Program building
  • Create incentive benefit to be in the program.
  • Reward for hard work and retention in the program.
  • Develop a sense of togetherness, bonding, and camaraderie.
  • Develop skills in working together for a common, meaningful purpose.

External Motivation (public perception or input)

Expectation of travel exists

  • Administration: viewed as Educational and Public Relations Value
  • Parents: viewed as Recognition, Exposure and Travel Opportunity that might not otherwise exist.
  • Students: viewed as the Fun and Memories of a Lifetime that are part of school life.

Recognition gain

  • Public Relations: seen as a source of pride for school and community
  • Tangible evidence of achievement with trophies and awards
  • Unique exposure through special invitation, special event, or exclusive event.
  • Program recognition from adjudication by music educators from other states/regions.

Traveling With a Purpose