Yamaha Instruments Have Earned a Reputation For Quality

The Yamaha YAS-475 Intermediate Alto Saxophone is graced with many of the features that enhance Yamaha professional and custom saxophones. Highly accurate intonation, warm tone, a quick response, and an agreeable price make the Yamaha YAS-475 an excellent choice for a saxophonist stepping up from the beginner level.

The Yamaha YAS-475 saxophone takes all kinds of weather in stride. Its durability and light weight make this Eb saxophone a good choice whether you intend to perform with it in an orchestra, a jazz group, or a marching band.

A quick examination shows that Yamaha has built the YAS-475 saxophone with a tilting bell-key spatula, a removable bell clamp, and a beefy bell brace for convenience and durability. Yamaha also gives the YAS-475 alto sax a classic 62-style saxophone neck for optimum sound and playability. The neck, body, bell, and keys are yellow brass. Key buttons are polyester with front F and high F# auxiliary keys, as well as a tilting low Bb spatula key, and left pinky keys shaped for both comfort and response. The teardrop-shaped high F key offers great response in the high register.

Silicone treatment of their leather gives the pads a durable edge as well as protecting them from moisture. The YAS-475 saxophone's adjustable thumb rest accommodates itself nicely to a performer's playing habits. Drawn toneholes, stainless steel springs, and tapered pivot screws with heads are additional Yamaha-quality details. As the saxophone's action wears naturally with use, the tapered screws make adjustment relatively simple.

Yamaha instruments have earned a reputation for quality and value that has stood the test of time. On the YAS-475 saxophone, for example, the key posts are fitted on individual bases that are both generously proportioned and well fitted to the saxophone's body. In fact you'll find that all of this Yamaha saxophone's fittings, its durable epoxy lacquer finish, and the mechanisms are up to Yamaha standards as well as giving the horn a responsive feel and effortless action.

Thanks to the Yamaha YAS-475 saxophone's neck enhancements, its sound is responsive and professional. You can expect reliable intonation throughout the YAS-475 saxophone's range. Tone wise the 475 sax is bright and breezy, offering both body and cut, good attack, and clear notes, as well as a little extra midrange, and warmth at the low end as compared to some similar saxophones.

Intermediate saxophones can seem to be awkwardly lodged between student and professional instruments, but the Yamaha YAS-475 saxophone's ability to take on all kinds of music could make it all the saxophone you'll ever need. Enhancing the YAS-475 saxophone's value, Yamaha delivers it with an attractive and highly protective case, a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, and a comfortable strap, ligature, cap, and cork grease.

The Yamaha YAS-475 is a great alto saxophone for all types of music, and a great value as well.