When searching for an artist level saxophone with exceptional features, look no further than Yanagisawa. This family owned company has been making instruments in Japan since 1893 and they’re recognized as a leader in the manufacturing of top quality saxophones. With innovation, expertise, talent and a pursuit of excellence, Yanagisawa wind instruments are carefully handcrafted to deliver the best possible sound. So whether your sax of choice is soprano, alto, tenor or baritone, you’re sure to find a model to complement your style of play, and join the list of artists who regale the superiority of Yanagisawa instruments.

900 Series Saxophones

Yanagisawa 900 Series instruments are light, vibrant and well balanced, as well as an outstanding first choice for a professional level saxophone. The 900 Series is a favorite among studio musicians for its strong projection, lightweight design and secure construction.

990 Series Curved Soprano Saxophones

Renowned for being the best-built saxophones, the 990 Series features the entire saxophone family. You’ll find focused and centered curved sopranos, flexible and vibrant straight sopranos and the small yet powerful SN981 Sopranino. There is also a full complement of altos and tenors, as well as the most versatile baritone on the market.

Performers can choose from a large color palette and finish options can be standard clear lacquer, higher projecting and focused silver plate, dark and robust bronze or the magnificent combination of bronze with pink gold plating.

Models in the 990 Series include: SS901 Soprano Saxophone, A901 Alto Saxophone, T901 Tenor Saxophone, and the B901 Baritone Saxophone. All models are available in black lacquer, silver-plated, or bronze finishes.

9930 Series Saxophones

Models in the 9930 series includes: SC9930 Curved Soprano Saxophone, A9930 Alto Saxophone, A9935 Alto Saxophone with Sterling Bell, Brass Body and Bow, A9937 Alto Saxophone with Sterling Body and Bell, Brass Bow, T9930 Tenor Saxophone, T9935 Tenor Saxophone with Sterling Body and Bell, Brass Bow, T9937 Tenor Saxophone with Sterling Body, Bow and Bell, and B9930 Baritone Saxophone.

Also known as the “Silver Sonic” Series, these saxophones are made with a heavier silver body that holds the center well. The added depth of overtones as well as amazing response and tone makes these saxophones a musician’s dream come true.